Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice, ice, baby. It's cold. Sure, you people up north are probably saying, "what does a guy from Mississippi know about the cold?"

Well, anything under 50 degrees is cold to a southerner. At least to this one, it is. My thing is: why do I feel like the only person in Jackson bothered by cold weather? My southern peers appear to be cool with it, no pun intended.

I'm at the grocery store this morning, because that's what people in the south do when there is a threat of ice/snow. We go to the grocery store and stock up on can goods and bottled water as if there's a pending nuclear fallout.

Anyway, while I'm there, I see a couple of young ladies who are shopping in pajamas. One of them was even wearing flip-flops. Now, keep in mind that it's 29 degrees here today with a "real feel" of 21. I'm thinking to myself, "there's no way they're warm in freakin' pajamas!"

They were obviously cold since they were constantly rubbing their hands over their arms trying to keep warm. They must have a reliable car because if they had to change a tire or walk some where, the police would find two idiotcicles on the side of the road.

Later, I'm at the gas station and filling up my car. Was I low on gas? No, but filling up your gas tank is something southerners do when there is a threat of freezing weather. It's as if we think all gas pumps will freeze and no one will be able to get gas or something. You northerners stop laughing.

So, I'm there getting gas and who gets out at the gas pump in front of me? Another girl wearing pajamas and Uggs.

You're kidding me, right? Is that why half of the people who come to work at your job are coughing and hacking all of the time? Because you don't take care of yourself and dress for the weather?

Pajamas aren't considered winter wear people.

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