Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Get Famous 301

In 2010, it is not about if you're talented or not. It's all about if you are memorable.

Society has set the stage for us to find our way onto someone's flat screen! Will you do something so mind-numbingly stupid that people will remember you and want to see more of you?

How to Get Famous 301 starts now!

Reality show contestant

Gotta love reality TV. Mindless, manufactured drama which costs the broadcasters very little and doesn't require its viewers to do much thinking.

These people recognize their opportunities. They know that if they can act a big enough fool, that they will get their 15 minutes of fame and maybe even more.

Now, there's nothing "real" about a reality show. When's the last time you went to someone's house and they had 15 people living in it of different gender, race and/or sexual orientation? Mix in nightly trips to the bar with people of the opposite (or sometimes same) sex coming on to you with alcohol-induced flirting and you have instant drama! When you put people in that type of living arrangement, then something is bound to pop off.

That link is one of my favorite funny reality show clips, by the way. Anyhoo, I look at reality shows as a newer, sexier version of daytime soap operas. I remember being at work, a decade ago, and listening to women in the break room discussing "Y&R" or "All My Children". Now, when I enter the break room, it's all about Snooki (what's a "Snooki" anyway?), Nene or whoever. Snooki makes $30k per episode for being obnoxious and a drunk. Some of my readers probably do the same for free. LOL! Stop short-changing yourself! Get paid for those drunken rants you end up blogging about weekly! :)

There have been some talented and successful reality show contestants: Elizabeth Hasselbeck turned "Survivor" into a spot on "The View". Kelly Clarkson used "American Idol" to springboard into a successful music career. Kim Kardashian turned "ho-dom" into "stardom" (I'm sorry, but if you create and release a sex tape of yourself, you're a ho).

So, anyone can grace the cover of multiple magazines or home pages of websites. All you have to do is simply this:

a) Get a spot on a show .
b) Act the biggest donkey known to mankind.

Even a moron could do it! You could be the next big thing!

And when you do, don't forget to give me a shout for helping you learn how to get famous!


  1. You forgot the sure shot have famous parents and make a porn flick.

  2. I covered the sex tapes in an earlier posting, but the famous parents one escaped me. I may have to do a 401!

  3. Damn! It seems like the more "talentless" people are the more famous they will be! Shit, I'll make it big for trying to improve my shitty credit score lol

  4. Q, c'mon man. We are already famous. Look at us. We got men and women following us and hanging on our every word. Dont tell the wives but we are super hot bro. Look at your blog and touch your screen, wait dont! You'll burn your finger.

    Hey man are you on the twitter. I just got on there and that is so addicting. If you are get at me ThisDaddys_Blog if not, get your A$$ on there man. Oh Yeah GO Dirty BIRDS

  5. @ Falen, the less talent a person has, the more likely they are willing to do something so stupid that someone will pay to see it.

    @ TD, You're right. We're already superstars. I wear an ovenmitt when I'm typing my blog because it's on fire. LOL! I'm following on Twitter now, bro.


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