Monday, December 13, 2010


So, it's Sunday, December 5th and I'm making an annual business trip to Orlando. From JAN to MCO is about a little less than a two hour flight. It's my fourth time to this office, so everything is pretty routine at this point. Except for the people you encounter. I'm always looking for blog content and some people make it too easy for me.

Personal Space Violators

You all know that I hate it when people come all up in my area! So, we're at the beginning of the security line at the airport. The place where you take off your shoes, take your laptop out of your bag, etc. For those not familiar, before you fly, you have to put all of your personal effects into a bin so that it can go through an x-ray machine. This clueless... wait, no, selfish individual stopped at the very front of the table to take his shoes off and take out his personal effects. He had another 10 feet of table he could have moved down to use. That would have allowed other people to start putting things in the bin. Instead, he stood at the very front of the table and held up the line while nine feet of table went unused. Finally, a security guard came over to speak to him. "Sir," she started. "Please move down so that others may start using the table."

Do you know that idiot actually looked annoyed? And even after we went through the x-ray, this loser still didn't move down on the conveyor belt. He stood right where his things came out of the machine and started putting on his shoes until a security guard asked him to move again.

Why are people so selfish? This guy didn't care we had to wait. He just felt that he could take his time and the world would stop for him.

Contradiction to a Stereotype

Okay, I know that stereotypes are bad, but they make for the best jokes. On the plane, I had an Asian gentleman sit next to me. Shortly before take off, he pulls out this book about the human brain (the name of the book escapes me right now). Of course, the stereotype kicks in and I immediately assume that this dude is a genius which is a stereotype of Asians. Why would anyone be offended by that any way? People pick and choose what offends them. Black guys aren't offended when people say our junk is large, but talk about our credit and we fly off the handle. LOL!

Anyhoo, I saw something that debunked my theory that all Asians are geniuses and almost caused me to laugh out loud: as this guy was reading his book, he was moving his lips.

No Flat Screens in "Sports Bar"

After a very peaceful and prompt flight (via Southwest), I went to baggage claim to retrieve my things. If you've never been to the Orlando airport, you basically have to walk a distance the equivalent of Jackson, MS to Memphis, TN to reach the baggage claim area. I got my things and made my way to the FOX Sports Grill to wait on the rest of my co-workers and boss to arrive. I hate travelling on Sundays because I'm a huge fan of the NFL, but you do what you have to do when it comes to work, right?

I get into the FOX Sports Grill and although I've been there before, I was annoyed on this particular day. I was irked at the fact that I was watching the games on a bunch of 27-inch standard definition Toshiba tube TV's instead of something in HD on a flat screen. In 2010, how can you be located in a major airport and not have HD in a "sports bar", but I can watch Lifetime HD, in two different languages, in the Lush store around the corner? Until you remedy that, I will refer to you as a "novelty bar" because a sports experience definitely isn't your focus. I was glad to see my boss and co-workers arrive because the music they were playing over the loud speakers in the "novelty bar" was annoying me. Music and not play-by-play commentary? Fail!

I never thought the best experience of my trip down to ORL would actually be the flight.

(more of my trip to the ORL later...)


  1. Oh my policy when flying is one which comes from years of irritation at fellow passengers, and it is a policy - sort of my own golden rule if you will - which I at no time will violate, and which I truly feel would help most of us get through the traveling experience with a better attitude and overall make it an easier time. And it is this:


    1. LOL! Two words that have probably helped a lot of people get through flights. It's difficult to be confined to a small space and have to deal with flatulence, crying babies and snoring people. It takes a lot of patience or like you said... alcohol! :)


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