Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year In Review (Jan. - Mar.)

Here's a look at some things that went down in 2010 that I thought were worth mentioning:

1/22 - Conan gets booted from the Tonight Show - This was foul to me. Jay Leno came off as an egomaniac who wanted to throw his weight around after his failure of a show collapsed at 10 PM ET. Luckily, Conan landed on his feet at TBS and is doing fairly well there.

Worth mentioning: 1/27 - Apple reveals iPad - Everyone likes iCandy, right? While they're very useful during a commute, to me, it's way too much money for a conversation piece.)

2/19 Tiger apologizes - For what, I'm unsure. The cheating was between Tiger and his wife. For those of you who think that he owes you anything because you were fooled into thinking he was the Golden Boy, then you need a hug. Tiger lost a family at home, endorsements and from the looks of it, some of his golf game over some Waffle House babes. I hope he still gets free "Covered and Chopped" hashbrowns.

Worth mentioning: 2/7 - The Saints win the Super Bowl - I still can't believe this one. The Bad News Bears of the NFL shocked the world and pulled a Buster Douglas on Peyton and his Colts. This is a team that was so bad when I was growing up that the fans wore bags over their heads at the games. Now they are World Champions. Now I have to listen to folks yell "Who Dat!!??" until the Falcons get revenge on them and knock them out of the playoffs. Yes, that was a prediction that will make Scott smile.

3/23 - Obama signs health care overhaul into law- 22 pens were used to sign this bill (I need stock in Office Max). John Boehner described it as a "somber day", but at least he didn't cry. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this bill turns out.

Worth mentioning: 3/15 First full body scanners installed at O'Hare - Now you can check for bone fractures before catching a flight out of town. I didn't experience any of the troubles some travelers mentioned while on my trip to Orlando earlier this month. I guess big guys in glasses don't fit the profile.

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