Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gave It 100% on the Job

I can't stand people in the business world who don't give their all. From a fry cook at McDonald's to CEO of Bank of America, if you are a slacker, then you are just a slacker. It doesn't matter the income.

It's crazy how someone working at a fast food restaurant gets an attitude. "Man, skip this! Boss man told me last night that if I didn't tighten up, he was going to have to cut my hours. I can do his job better than him if I wanted. I think I'm going to quit because he's disrespecting me."

How are you going to be a good manager if you can't even flip burgers right?

Why do people think they can half-do the entry level positions and still get promoted to the upper-level positions in management? People think that even if you're mediocre that years of service alone entitles them to something? Nah, it doesn't work like that.

I worked in the collections department for AT&T back in '02. I didn't like the job at all, but I was a top five money collector for most of my time in that department. Despite the fact that I disliked calling people's home asking for them to pay their cell phone bill, I was one of the best at it. I gave it 100% on the job.

Eventually, I got moved into another position which has led to the work I do today for another company. Not only did those dreadful days of collections prepare me for future opportunities, it also gave me a greater appreciation for the job that I do now.

Now, I know that everyone is different, but that doesn't change the fact that some people just don't get it. If all you do is complain on your job, then why would anyone want to bump you up to a more important position? If you're always late for work, then why would someone think that you could manage someone else's attendance?

Is it safe to say that today's youth (20-29 years old) feel a little more entitled than my generation did? Is it the fact that every kid got a trophy just for participating? Maybe it's the lack of red ink used when grading homework because it "looked harsh."

Whatever the reason, I cringe at the thought of who will be running the White House 20 years from now.

(dialing phone)

President Slacker: "Hello, Saudi Arabian President? We're all out of oil in the U.S. We used the last of it to fill a tarpit for a "Jurrasic Park" remake. Uh, can we borrow some more oil?"

Saudi: "Borrow? There will be none of that. What goods do you have to trade?"

Slacker: "Well, we don't make anything any more. We sent that hard work overseas because our mothers told us we didn't have to do that stuff if we didn't want. (Awkward silence) Uh... I can do the Dougie!"

Saudi: "Your silly dances from 2010 don't amuse me, President Slacker. It's 2030 and you're the only country that still uses oil for energy. Why is that?"

Slacker: "Yeah. You see, what had happened was... The guys responsible for researching energy really aren't qualified, but they got promoted because they have worked for us for a long time. I've been around almost a full term, too! I've been president for three years! I don't get anything for that?"

Saudi: (Click)

Slacker: "Hello? Hello?"

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