Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stupid People Have Stupid Children

Photo courtesy of the last presidential debate.
Okay, I need to step on my soap box for a bit.  Let me start off by saying that I'm not perfect.  However, one thing that I am is fair.  Unfortunately, that's a trait that has gone the way of the dinosaur.  As a blogger and talk radio show host, I read/hear a lot of opinions from people all over the world.  It's so sad to me that people think the way that they do.  I'm not just talking about a difference of opinions because that will happen.  I'm talking about how a lot people argue their opinions: with emotions.

You cannot debate something based on emotions.  Let me repeat: you cannot debate something based on emotions.  You can only debate something with logic.  Logic contains facts and facts are what win debates.

Emotions are important in everyday living, but they generally make a person unreasonable in debates.  They can cause you to repeat your argument, but only louder, to attempt to make a point.  They make you feel personally attacked in an argument that's not even about you.  They make you say stupid things like "just because" which is what people say when they don't have facts to support their argument.  You're just emotional.

But, let me get back to the fairness thing again.  What's bothering me is how people allow their emotions to do/say something that they absolutely know is wrong or unfair to another.  Here's an example: a man will father a child with someone he won't marry.  He and the woman get into an argument and because he doesn't like her, he won't support his child.

That's the epitome of stupid to me.  A man who denies his child because his feelings got hurt is a punk.  There's just no arguing that.  Regardless if that woman cheated on you with your best friend, the child still has to eat, be clothed and medicated regularly at a cost.  If a guy fails to see that because of the tears in his eyes over a woman, then he's a shell of a man.

Now, before you ladies stand up and clap, this foolishness applies to you, too.  In fact, despite the fact that women are said to mature quicker than men, that maturity is sometimes reduced by your emotions.  This is why we see the most popular reality shows with a predominantly female cast.  Because there isn't a shortage of women willing to turn a small disagreement into World War III.  Feeling the need to be right at the expense of others is the reason why so many of you are single and/or without friends.

It's a shame that our country is so volatile and that it thrives on divisiveness.  Black vs. white.  Young vs. old.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Men vs. women.  All of this debating fueled with emotion instead of logic is why this country is filled with stupid people.  And stupid people have stupid children.  If you don't believe me, then follow a dumb kid home and see if someone just as dumb doesn't answer the door.

It is so frustrating to assume that each time I go into a debate, whether it's a serious topic or even something as trivial as sports, that I may be the only person with reasoning and facts behind my argument.  The other person may just have some emotional attachment to whatever it is they're supporting without any other debate ammunition.  I can definitely say that I truly understand why this country is deeper in a rut with each passing day, morally and financially.

We blame Obama, we blame teachers, we'll even blame the kid down the street and everyone else instead of ourselves.  We never blame ourselves.  After all, we can't be wrong because what we're saying "feels right."


(steps off soap box)

"Just because that's the way it should be!"

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