Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's The New Style! @IAmDaziaMoore

Dazia, e-mail me and we'll chat on my radio show, okay? :)
What makes a model a model?  At one time, we only saw one kind of model.  These days, there are tons of different flavors of models thanks to the internet.

But, despite so many different versions of modeling being available, there are still some groups that don't get the same respect as the "original" models.

The 2013 model is more about confidence than ever before because they're taking something different and making it commonplace.  It's the new style of defining what beauty truly is.  Beauty is truly within the eye of the beholder and no magazine or industry "expert" can tell anyone otherwise.

Gone are the days where you only saw the skinny, long-haired models.  Today's models are of all shapes, colors and hair styles and Google has made them mainstream.

Take my example to the right, Dazia Moore.  She's a beautiful, young lady and is an example of a modern day model.  Like Dazia, today's models are more likely to be curvy, may have a tattoo or two and may not ever be known for strutting down a runway.

They aren't blonde like the "traditional" Brooklyn Decker types or tall like the leggy Gisele Bundchen types.  Some come off as everyday women who are more realistic to what we see in everyday life.  And I think that's what a majority of their followers appreciate about them.  These aren't ladies who are regurgitating meals to conform to an unnatural standard.  These are ladies who take what they have and make it look good.

So, when someone mentions the word "model," don't think of the stick figure walking across a runway wearing an outfit that no one outside of the traditional modeling agency could ever wear.  Think about the girl next door with a few lights, makeup and a little pizazz.

Here are some examples below of the different flavors you'll find online:

Urban - Most would say "Urban" is just a nice way of saying "black" or "Latina."  I would personally prefer that people use the term "Curvy" modeling since "Urban" can come off as offensive to some.  These ladies bring back the days of Marilyn Monroe's "Coke bottle figure."
Kimmi Kennedy
Fitness - These models aren't necessarily new and kind of fall in line with the traditional swimsuit models.  You've seen them compete on ESPN in pageants and they will probably eventually be even more popular than the traditional runway models some day.
Bry Jensen
Ink Candy - By many people, a tattoo is considered art within itself.  Add it to a flawless canvas and you have a newer and increasingly popular style of model.  I see more and more new tattoo model magazine on stands than ever now.
China Dolle
Goth - Although their photos are generally dark in nature, some of these models are still pretty popular.  With movies like "Twilight" and shows like "True Blood" being so popular, a lot of people have adopted the "vampire look."
Fantasy - A lot of these models can be found at Comic Con or Sci-Fi conventions.  From Princess Leia to a typical fairy, these models put in a lot of effort to prepare for a shoot given the amount of makeup and the types of costumes they wear.
Social Network - Now, these folks just have the entire game messed up.  (Sigh)  Taking a photo in bathrooms or in messy bedrooms is just foul.  Please stop.  

Call 1-800-4No Duck
Does the word "modeling" mean the same thing to you as it id 10, 20, 30 years ago?

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