Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coochie or Power? #Scandal #OliviaPope

Okay, so I'm watching "Scandal" a few weeks ago and I'm tripping over what I'm seeing.  For those not familiar, this show is one of the more popular shows on primetime TV and it's very interesting.  Creative and twisted writing has made it a show that I would advise anyone to watch.

The show makes you wonder what exactly goes through a man's mind to make him cheat.  For those who haven't watched the show (or Season 2 - SPOILER starts), the President of the United States is "whipped" has fallen deeply in love with his side chick (main character of the show).  The side chick no longer wants anything to do with him unless he "earns" her.

The 2013 side chick's motto: "earn me."
Wait. What?  The side chick is making demands?  Only in 2013, where the sense of entitlement is at an all-time high in the U.S., would a "jump off" say that you need to "earn me."  The fact that she's a side chick means that she came cheaply anyway and now she wants to go to the negotiation table?  "Child, please."

Anyway, the Prez decides the only way to "earn her" is to show the side chick that he loves her more than anything.  The First Lady threatens the Prez by telling him that if he doesn't repair their marriage that she's going to expose his affair on national television.  What does the Prez do?  He lets her do just that.  In fact, the Prez not only allows his wife to expose his marriage on national television, but he allows the First Lady to do it while he's banging the side chick.  He basically throws away his presidency over the side chick.  (SPOILER ends)

Wow.  When presented with the choice of "coochie or power," he chose "coochie."  Now that's some strong stuff right there!  I don't want to meet anyone capable of putting that on me to make me throw away my career.  Yeah, you can argue that he loves her, but a married man who cheats doesn't have a lot of credibility when it comes to love, if you ask me.

I remember when I was in high school, rapper, Ice-T, had a song entitled "Power."  One of the lyrics from that song is quoted as followed: "The power of sex, if man could overthrow it he'd be king in a day; No way. We'd get rich, hard, and give it away."

He was basically talking about how men would throw away everything for sex including being a king.  When I heard that song as a teen-ager, I didn't understand it the depths of that lyric.  However, I now understand it completely as a 41 year old.  I've seen countless politicians, numerous co-workers and even friends throw away their marriage because they were dwelling on the "in-between."

Yes, everyone says that it's a "man's world," but those who are educated know that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Bill was almost a real-life "Scandal" episode.
Tiki left his wife 8 months pregnant with twins and threw away his job for the side chick.
Can love/sex make you leave it all behind?

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