Monday, May 6, 2013

No Hand Gestures, No Emotions

I hate zero tolerance.  If you don't think that there's an exception to every rule, then more than likely, I may think you're an idiot. Please watch the short video below:

Now, first of all, this argument has been turned into a religious argument, but it's more about the rule itself. The rule states that no one can make hand gestures. Now, what exactly that means is a matter of interpretation.  However, you essentially can't celebrate during the event.  How dumb is that?

Now, I understand that people take celebrating too far at times, but to ban celebrating completely?  Why is it that zero tolerance only applies to kids, but adults get all sort of second and third chances?  Kids can't bring plasticware to some schools because they can be used as weapons.  Athletic kids can't accept money from anyone while in college despite not being allowed to have jobs.  Kids can get expelled from school for dancing if it's considered provocative.

There's not a zero tolerance on drunk driving.  There's not a zero tolerance on adultery.  There's not a zero tolerance on the things our elected officials do that sabotage our country.

So, why do adults, who are supposed to know better, getting a pass when the under-21's are not?  Why is it okay to do those things that I listed for adults, but you can't celebrate (even on the sly) for achieving greatness?  Are we to the point that we're on the verge of having robots compete in athletic events?  It's the best way to achieve the "no hand gestures, no emotions" rule, if so.

I think that it's sad that these kids aren't allowed to make a run at a championship over a gesture.  A gesture that most people probably didn't even notice as this kid crossed the finish line.  How crazy is it that buying an automatic weapon can be done with little-to-no restrictions, but winning a race has strict guidelines?

Is there ever anything that can require a zero tolerance result?

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