Sunday, May 19, 2013

21 Days To Address, Adjust & Activate Your Life! @CherryLetters

You know that I'm all about promoting and helping others.  Well, this time, I'm actually helping some of you! T2Q friend of the show, Miss Mylauney Billups, is doing something to give back to others and you can't afford to say "no."

The 21 Days to Address, Adjust & Activate Your Life is like a summer camp for ladies 18 and older.  With daily "assignments," Mylauney heightens awareness as well as educates.  Self-improvement should always be important to us and this e-course promotes just that by doing the following:

Address past and current issues that may be holding you back. 
Adjust your position and point your life in the direction you desire. 
Activate the power within you so that you can fully enjoy life. 

Every day for 21 days you will receive an email that will contain a daily theme and exercise for you to complete. Here is what will be covered in this course:

Day 1: Affirm Me- How To Create Affirmations and Personal Mantras!
Day 2: My Daily Routine- How To Create A Routine That Enforces Good Habits!
Day 3: Check Yourself- What You Can Do To Be and Feel Fresh Even On A Bad Day!
Day 4: I Love Me- What Self Love Really Is and How You Can Have It!
Day 5: What A Mighty Good Man- Tried and True Ways To Make Any Man Feel Good!
Day 6: Before I Kick The Bucket- How To Get Started Doing The Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do! 
Day 7: Sweet Sensations- Using Your Senses To Increase Your Lust For Life!
Day 8: List Of Bliss- Finding and Creating Bliss In Your Life!
Day 9: Dealing With Healing- How To Heal Past Hurts!
Day 10: Forgive Me- How To Forgive Yourself and Get Rid Of Guilt and Shame For Good!
Day 11: Mission I’m Possible- How To Identify Your Purpose In Life!
Day 12: Goal Digger- How To Point and Position Yourself In The Direction Of Your Dreams!
Day 13: Master Mind- Using Knowledge To Your Advantage!
Day 14: Change Is Constant- What You Can Do To Create Long Lasting Change In Your Life!
Day 15: Clean House- How To Clear, Clean and Add Spice To Your Home!
Day 16: Filter- How To Block Negative Influences!
Day 17: Poof Be Gone- How To Identify and Remove The Wrong People From Your Life!
Day 18: Hello- Easy Ways To Make New Connections With People!
Day 19: Variety- Sure Fire Ways To Add Flavor To Your Life!
Day 20: Bless You- How Being A Blessing Can Bring About More Blessings!
Day 21: Turn The Page- What To Do To Celebrate The Ending Of This Chapter and Begin A New One! 

Mylauney is releasing this course June 3rd, right before the Summer really kicks off, so that you can enjoy your Summer with a new found zest for life! But you can pre-register now for only $2.99!


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