Saturday, January 14, 2012

#Tebow or Not Tebow?

Tebow mania is running rampant throughout America! Women love him for his looks, guys love him for his passion to win and Christians love him for promoting God's word while he has the country's undivided attention. What's there not to like about this guy?

Truthfully, there isn't anything. Well, I do think the "Tebowing" thing is a bit over the top. I don't have a problem with him praying, but who flexes their muscles when they pray? Anyway, I'm not trying to come down on Tebow in this post because it's not his fault that so many people hate on him. It's the media's fault.

The media will promote people who either lack talent or have yet to achieve something in their profession. Now, let me say that as of today, Tebow has made some great accomplishments including winning a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But, his hype started back in November before he even won his 3rd game as a starter this season. MSNBC even compared Tebow to Michael Jordan who is a 6x champion and a Hall of Famer. Really? A man who just won his first playoff game is comparable to arguably one of the greatest winners of all-time? Only the media. Because in order to sell magazines, newspapers and get TV ratings, they have to make you think that (insert person here) is the second coming. Let's look at a few household names the media has forced upon us over the past couple of years:

Snooki: Party girl, drunk and flirt

Nene Leakes: Former stripper and loud mouth

Antoine Dodson: Bad hair day and funny quote
As you can see, it doesn't take any talent or meaningful achievements to get rich in this country. Sure, Tebow was on two national championship teams at the University of Florida which is a tremendous accomplishment, but other players have done that as well without the fanfare. And real football fans know that no one cares what you did in college when you reach the NFL. When Tebow became the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, the media immediately turned him into the Golden Boy. Skip Bayless, of ESPN, actually insinuated that John Elway, Denver's former Hall of Fame QB, could actually be jealous of Tebow.

Wow. So, the guy has received high praise despite having one of the lowest QB ratings in the league. Despite all of that, Tebow keeps winning. Although so many people have said insulting things, including myself, he has taken Denver farther than anyone has expected. In the process, he's captured the minds of Americans without taking a drink, sleeping around or getting arrested.

So, how do you feel about Tim Tebow? In the words of a modern-day Shakespeare: "Tebow or Not Tebow? That is the question."



  1. I am not gonna lie...I can't stand him. And you are totally right, the media is NO help. I can't wait, and I pray, for the Patriots to win today, just so all this Tebow crap can go away...until next season. I hope.

    1. I actually will pull for him today. One of the Ravens has been itching to get his hands on Tebow, and I'd like to see the match up.

    2. Ooooh...that is a pretty good reason. OK, at least I have something to look forward to if Tebow pulls it out again today.

    3. LOL! That's the spirit! I'd love to see Terrell Suggs of the Ravens have a shot at Tebow.

    4. This is why I love Tom Brady so...

    5. Brady isn't a joke. I'm sure that he used ESPN's chatter about Tebow to get motivated to that amazing day on yesterday.

  2. I loved how people jumped on his first playoff win. 316 passing yards? Averaging 31.6 yds a pass? Must be a hidden "John 3:16" message from God!

    Which is funny, because I thought God measured shit in cubits, not yards. If anything, He'd use the more universal metric system...

    I'm looking forward to tonight's game, hoping Tom Brady throws for 666 yards. Imagine the media frenzy!

    1. If Brady threw for 666, I think every Tebow fan would be in church tomorrow. LOL! I hated how they found a connection to God in his statistics. That's like seeing the Virgin Mary's face in a bowl of Corn Flakes. It's a reach.

  3. OH man that lady is like orange haha


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