Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only You Can Change Your Life in #2012

I'm not one to make a big deal over a new year. I'm not saying it's not worthy of celebrating. I'm just saying that it's not worthy of motivating.

If you want to be true to yourself, then don't let a fake milestone fool you into thinking things with your life will change. If you can't change your life for the better on April 15th or September 23rd, then what makes you think something is special about January 1st? Changing a calendar doesn't change a person. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but you know my motto: some things just need to be said.

So, don't join a gym because it's a new year. Don't stop smoking because it's a new year. Don't stop being an a-hole because it's a new year. Make improvements in your life because you want to do so.

Only you can change your life. A new calendar can't do jack but tell you the date.



  1. *clapping* Totally agree. I have never and will never make a New Year resolution. I make changes when/if they are new year can do that for you. Well said.

  2. I agree...I stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago. When I want something, I go ahead and "claim" it - no matter what the date (or when I feel it fits!).

  3. @ Jewels - Thanks. I just trip on people who wait on certain dates to improve their lives. Why wait? No future date is ever guaranteed.

    @ Reck - Exactly. A clock hitting midnight doesn't change a life unless you're Cinderella.

  4. I don't do resolutions either. I never used to keep them when I did. I know there are things I need to improve. They will happen but only when I get my head in the right place.

    Happy New Year to you too

  5. @ Mynx - Happy New Year to you, too! And you're right about once your head is in the right place, it's best to act at that time.


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