Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better

Yeah, I said it! Bloggers are better than the people you see on FOX News, MSNBC, Headline News, etc. We're even better than radio/TV types like The View, Tom Joyner, Dr. Oz, etc. That's right. All day! Now some of you are saying to yourselves, "how is a blogger smarter than a Bill O'Reilly or an Anderson Cooper or anyone who does that type of work for a living?"

Well, it's not to say that we're smarter (even though some of us may be). It's because bloggers have one thing on their side when it comes to creating a post of our opinion:


You see, bloggers aren't handcuffed by sponsors. We don't have to worry about our opinions causing us to lose our blog. We can say whatever we want and if you don't like it, then you can either comment on what pissed you off or simply choose not to follow. And as far as the blogger is concerned, if you don't like it, then so be it. It was still something he/she felt needed to be said. Some bloggers don't care if they're popular, they only care that their message is being read. Radio and TV types don't have that same agenda. It's not about being right or about giving the listeners/viewers what they want. It's about the money.

Example: One of my favorite shows was on ESPN back in the day. It was called Playmakers. It was a show that was based on the lives of athletes in a pro football league who indulged in infidelity and drug use. This show raised a red flag with the NFL since Playmakers was being compared to it. Since the NFL had a contract with ESPN for weekly games, they threatened to end that relationship with ESPN if the show wasn't canceled. Well, guess what happened? It only aired for one season. Despite the huge ratings for ESPN's show (and DVD sales), it had to 'go the way of the dinosaur' because money trumped freedom to create/express. It wasn't about what the people wanted to see, it was about losing money from the NFL yanking games from them.
Best scripted sports show ever.
Do you think if Tide sponsored The View and had a product recall, that they would tolerate Whoopi running her mouth off about it? Nope. They would threaten to pull their sponsorship which means that ABC would push the mute button on her.

Bloggers don't have that issue. That's why I can say "AT&T and oil companies suck" because none of them are paying my bills. And for the company that does pay my bills, if I don't want to say something that will get me in trouble with my job, then I would just write under a fake name. It's just that simple for a blogger to have an unbiased opinion.

The bottom line is: bloggers are free to express the truth. That's what we all want, right? It doesn't mean that we're always right because we're not all experts in the things we post. But, whatever it is we're discussing, you know that it's not likely to be influenced by any one and that whatever we're typing is something that we actually believe.

So, turn off CNN and turn on BlogTalkRadio and get the real scoop. Put down the USA Today and read a blog and get the real scoop.  The unedited scoop. Get the information that you can actually use that will require you to think instead of having someone on TV do it for you.


  1. You make sponsorship sound like a bad thing... I mean, it is, and I never want someone ruling my life, but I'd have no problem whoring myself out from time to time.

    (This post was brought to you by Seagram's Gin...)

  2. TQ. I don't see any problems with having a sponsor and then telling them they are full of shit. Hell, for that matter, since I sponsor my own bloggie and website and pay for every fucking thing, I'll say it here first.

    Mooner Johnson is a crazy redneck murdering fuckball.

    I'd tell you about the "murdering" part but that's a central theme of my new book (arriving soon to different places) titled Full Rising Mooner.

    Furthermore, you shouldn't buy the fucking book because I'll be giving so many away that the published price will be meaningless.

    OK, now I'm thinking this might be what my psycho therapist means when she says that I tend to sabotage myself.

    But who gives a shit? FUCK RICK PERRY!

  3. I hate being censored. I have no desire to be sponsored, get BON'd and get a bunch of bullshit followers, or get attention for anything other than my superb writing. I hate the man but he loves me. It's a great little set up. I love flying below the radar. It's perfect.

    Then again I could be sponsored, hate the product, and still have them love me. I am a fantastic bullshit artist and I say things so sweetly they never have any idea that I loathe them. I'm kinda awesome like that. That being said...I SO do it better.

  4. LiI - Because I drink it and they're paying me for it, right? LOL! Sponsors are only bad when they restrict creativity and expression.

    Mooner - Yeah, sabotage is an under statement. LOL! We get the message, we won't buy your book. Although, the "murdering" thing has my interested.

    Jewels - I'm thinking like Idaho now. I guess it's nothing wrong with whoring myself out for awhile until I'm comfortable financially, huh? Then I can do like you and insult them on the sly, huh? :)

  5. No whoring on my blog for me. I am a professional gub'ment whore Monday through Friday. Uncle Sam is my pimp. That's why I like to take a break on my "off" time from whoring. I like the freedom to incorporate the word "fuck" into every other sentence, and sometimes in the middle of a word while I'm spouting off the holy gospel according to ME, whereas I am unable to do that M-F, during regular working hours. The only sponsors I would willingly accept would be: Sanrio (for my Hello Kitty obsession), Abita Brewery (for the OBVIOUS Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager love jones I got goin' on), or the University of Michigan (duh.). If any of those three want to throw money at me to say they're rad - then they're dumb, bc I'd do it for free. =)

  6. @ Reck - I heard that the director of "Silence of the Lambs" cut you a check for your last post. LOL!

  7. I find it a little disappointing sometimes when a blogger starts plugging a product. I know they get paid and for some that is the reason they blog, earn money/become famous but I guess I read blogs as my leisure activity.
    But each to their own. We all blog for our own reasons

  8. @ Mynx - You're right. We all have our reasons. I don't have a problem with people who have sponsors, but I tend to be cautious of their credibility when it comes to any topics involving that sponsor's product. It's one thing to endorse, but when it pays the bill, you have to really pay attention to what's being said and make a decision.

    (This comment has been brought to you by The Talk 2 Q Radio Show...)

  9. Very true. I know I definitely get a lot of info from blogs that I've never seen covered completely uncensored on TV.

  10. Tiff, I read things that bloggers post that I've never heard elsewhere. Or sometimes you hear things for the first time from bloggers before it becomes mainstream. We're so awesome!

  11. I agree 100% Filtering of our media is wrong, there will be war if they even think of censoring us! Bloggers FTW!

  12. @ JGuevara - thanks for the follow, first of all. And, yes, you're right. Censoring blogs would be the crime of all crimes. Well, second only to banning bikini contests at Hooters.


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