Monday, June 6, 2011

Move Over Oscar-Mayer! There's a New Weiner!

So, NY-Dem, Anthony Weiner, finally admitted to what everyone pretty much knew last week: he sent junk photos to some lady.

Aside from it not being in your best interest to be involved in a penis scandal with the last name "Weiner," it's also a bad idea to lie about something that would inevitably be proven. Not only did Weiner admit to sending a tweet of his underwear-bulging junk to some woman, he also mentioned that there were other women, ages unknown, he did the same before and during his marriage.

Now, personally, I don't care that he cheated. That's between Weiner and Mrs. Weiner and no concern of mine. The issue of him lying does bring his integrity in question. It now makes you wonder if he will (if he hasn't already) lie over something a lot more corrupt and detrimental to his constituents. The funny part about all of this is Weiner's refusal to leave social networking alone. He claims that he will keep his Facebook and Twitter accounts open and play it straight going forward. He also said that he's not quitting his job.

You know what? I don't blame him. Should he quit? Probably, but this isn't anything new in politics. Guys in politics have cheated since ever and it's just the perk of being a member of the "Good Ol' Boys' Network." If you get caught up in a scandal then there's a fake investigation. Not to see if you've violated ethics, but to see if your presence hurts the political party's PR or not. If the investigation drags on long enough, over time, something else will happen that will cause people to forget about you and what you did. Then people who only vote all Republican or all Democrat will vote you back in office because loyalty is more important than having values.

So, the man who has caused Oscar-Mayer's stock to drop (I stole that from a tweet), will now go back to his normal day-to-day life. He's thankful to be in a career that thrives on not doing your best, but showing that your opponent does worse. He's thankful that Oprah is no longer on the air to interview his wife (who I'm sure has book publishing company execs camping in her driveway). Most importantly, he's thankful that the tweets and posts filling the social networks are saying that he's "bigger" than Brett Favre.

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  1. I support the rights of pervy men everywhere! I did a 'team weiner' tweet last night (which will probably turn into a post). I got about 15 retweets (good) and lost 3 followers (bad).

    Oh well, I guess not everyone wants to see the tater tot...

  2. LOL! They'll be back. Everyone likes to be on their moral high horse as long as their personal lives are never exposed. I had no intentions on doing a post on this dude, but I couldn't hold my tongue on this. This is good blog material served on a silver platter. Who am I to refuse it? LOL! More scandals, more posts.

  3. These politicians will give you plenty more material to write. Smh.

  4. No doubt! It's an endless supply of content! I'm wondering if I want to do one on Palin now for rewriting history?

  5. If he had come clean immediately I would still have my respect for him. The fact he lied, and said he was hacked, is totally lame. No one cares who he's fucking, but lying about it and refusing to quit lying about it, is not cool.

  6. I agree, Tsaritsa. He would have been much better off just coming clean from the start. But, that makes too much sense.

  7. Lying was his way of going into survival mode, but when your in the public eye, you should already just "know better". Sure he is only human, but it's the price you pay being in the public eye. As long as you continue to "collect a pay check from this", I don't feel sorry for you. Your every move and what you say is always being monitored whether you like it or not.

    Whether he should or shouldn't have come clean, that's his problem and his business, but he wouldn't ever get my vote. I can careless actually what he does with his "weenie" because that is his business, but his persona will be affected by his actions.

  8. "Weenie?" Bwu-ha-ha-haaa! That just sounds funny in my mind when I read it. He should have be more careful. This is humiliating for the average citizen, yet alone a politician.


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