Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Name Will Show How We Feel?

Okay, a short post, but I had to throw this out to all of you. A couple from Israel wanted to give their daughter a name that even a hater could love: "Like."

As fans of Facebook, they named their newest born "Like" to give her a unique gift. Well, it's not completely unique. Their other two children are named Dvash (Hebrew for "honey") and Pie (English for "pie"). "Honey Pie?" Really?

Besides, if you have to go the "famosity" route and do something unique, then why not go with "Love" as a name? Do you not think enough of your daughter to at least do that? Then again, I could see the confusion. The only think worse than "I love you, Like" is "I love you, Love."

Poor girl has a long road ahead of her. Now all of her future classmates will sound like 1983 Valley Girls when they speak with her. "Like, come here!" "Like, what are you doing?" "Like, oh, my God, you didn't just say that!"

Hopefully, this will be their last child. I'd hate to see a "Tweet," "Tumblr," or "Digg" in family photos in years to come.

Your 1st Birthday!

What is the dumbest name you've ever heard?


  1. Like? For real, like? Are you kidding me? What the hell lol

  2. Ten minutes later and I'm still tripping balls over this! I thought parents put some real damn thought into their child's names. Ooops, my bad. I know a couple who named their kid Orangejello...(Orange Jello)

  3. When I got out of highschool, I worked at a local tutoring agency. Think Sylvan, but more ghetto.

    Two kids I remember, thanks to their names:

    Iamunique (no joke) and her brother shithead (pronounced shih-thay-ed).

    Imagine being a substitute teacher with THOSE kids in your class???

    Their mom should have been arrested for bad taste, and sterilized so she couldn't name any other kids.

  4. @ T-cat Okay, Orangejello must be a really popular name because there is an Orangejello and Lemonjello in GA, too. Their mom must really have liked Jell-O.

    @ LiI - Iamunique? LOL! I would have lost my job.

  5. They, like, named her, sort of like, you know, like?

    Guess it could be worse than being named after the most overused valley girl mental stutter in history... they could have pulled another name off of their Facebook account and named her
    "Comment" or something.

    Gee, thanks mom... (preparing kids for therapy, that's what we do these days...)

  6. Or "most recent"... that would suck even worse than "Like"...

  7. Squatlo, you're right. Like may have lucked out to be Like instead of something else.

  8. Poor kid. I gather the family "Like(s) Honey Pie". Stupid bunch of morons!

  9. @ Empress and Alice - I guess their plan worked since they're being talked/blogged out, huh? :)

  10. That's horrible... That "like" for Like's bday is so wrong...

  11. Em, I don't get it. If they wanted to get 15 mins of fame off of this, then it worked. Kind of like that dude that named his kid ESPN, pronounced Es-Pen.


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