Thursday, May 19, 2011

Body for Hire 2: Taylor Made for TV

She's baaaccckkk!!!  I kept wondering why the post I did on Taylor back in January stayed #1 as the most popular post. I did a little Googling and lo and behold, Taylor is on her way to VH1 or MTV and it's causing a buzz! The pilot, named "Girl Swagg," is a show that follows four women around Cincinnati. I'm sure the show will suck like every other reality show from MTV and VH1, but it will put Miss Stone, er, I mean, Corley, on the map.

And I'm cool with that! This lady took a marketable item, her shape, and turned it into a potential career in Hollywood. Cheering at Mississippi State, where she was criticized for posing in Playboy, will be in her rear view mirror as she takes to the TV screen (assuming the pilot makes it).

Now, I have no problem with anything Taylor has done. She hasn't done anything illegal and her nudity has been in the proper venues. But, I have to play devil's advocate for a bit. There appears to be a disturbing trend going on in Hollywood and in the music industry:

Is a sexy body the only way for a woman to make it in Hollywood today?

Kendra Wilkinson did her thing and turned a Playboy photo shoot into a reality show into "Dancing With The Stars." Maybe Taylor can dance with the stars as well since she has a cheerleader background. Has acting gone the way of the dinosaur when it comes to breaking into Hollywood? Will sexy curves beat out acting skills going forward? Even in music, when's the last time you saw an overweight female lead singer?

Should women be concerned that the trend is to put "sexy" over "talent?"

Now, this isn't to say that Taylor doesn't have potential to be a good actress some day, but it will be safe to say that her body will get her foot in the door. Regardless, this could be the start of something big for her. A lot of people have used their sex appeal to springboard into success: Vanessa Williams, Anna Nicole Smith, Jessica Hahn, Marilyn Monroe, and Halle Berry, to name a few notables.

It's Taylor's turn now. Or is it? With the number of reality shows coming out every month on top of the good-looking women, who are willing to do almost anything to be on them (including kiss Flava Flav, is there room for Taylor? Will she be noticed?

She will if I have anything to do with it. Taylor is going to be my marketing project (although she doesn't know it). I'm joining Team Taylor and doing what I can to turn her Playboy spread (no pun intended since the Playboy is tastefully done) into an Emmy award!

Here we go Taylor, he we go! (clap, clap!)

Body for Hire, Part I

By the way, I hope you don't mind me borrowing the photos since I'm your underground marketing agent...


  1. I think there are plenty of curvy women who do just fine. You have to remember Jennifer Hudson was on your top 'sexy black women' list just a few days ago. Until recently, she has some serious curves goin on, and was thicker than a snicker...

    But she's the exception to the rule. Sex sells, therefore sexy sells. Not that girls with a few curves aren't sexy, but you rarely ever see them on Cosmo, In Shape, Playboy etc.

    With that said, go Taylor go!

  2. It's kind of a double standard, seeing as how men find success without having to be attractive whatsoever. How many wannabe actresses have breast implants because they think it'll help their career? It's sad.

  3. Idaho, you're a nut! "Thicker than a Snicker?" You're right. The only curves you see in "Cosmo" are in the "C" and "s" in the title.

  4. @ Tsaritsa - You're exactly right. If Kelly Clarkson would have looked like Reuben Studdard, she would have been eliminated before making it to Hollywood.

  5. This "trend" you write of has been the Hollywood standard for decades, although the occasional talent like Kathy Bates or Jessica Tandy gets hired despite lacking the Playboy creds.
    What bothers me MUCH more is the fact that singers are rising to the top of the charts with zip skills, based entirely on their cute factor or beautiful body. Think back to the Mama and the Papas for a second...if you're old enough. Think Mama Cass Elliot could sing for a major label today? The woman could wail like a whore or croon like an angel, but she'd be someone you'd hear at the local kareoke bar today, not recording. Taylor Swift couldn't carry Cass Elliot's bra (well, that might be a literal fact, but I digress) talent-wise, and she's already made more money than Mama Cass ever hoped to make.
    Plus sized singers only make it big in Opera... and we lose when we filter our talent through the size one litmus test.
    Give me the voice first, then show me the singer. When it's a combo of goddess AND talent, then talk Taylor Swift money.

  6. @ Squatlo, Mama died around the time I was born, but being a fan of music from the 50's - present, I'm very familiar with a couple of their songs. You're right. She couldn't even get on TV these days. Heck, she couldn't even be in the audience on American Idol now (rumor has it they moved a fat chick from the front row to a back row for "aesthetics." I have no problem with reality show participants getting on TV for looking good, but I do have a problem with good-looking people getting Grammys for being horrible singers.

  7. T-Q. OK, first, like my Gram always says, she says, "Who gives a shit what tha reason is, Mooner? Use what God give ya and shut yer big yap."

    Second, there will always be somebody willing to pay big bucks for a pretty anything. Pretty girl, pretty horse, pretty picture. My main problem is when the woman lets herself become a bought-and-paid-for pretty object and nothing more. Like that tennis player Squatlo told us about, a woman needs to be multi-faceted.

    She could be a sex object and an object 'd art. Which reminds me, when are you doing another pod cast dealie with T-cat and I forget her name?

    See, that's two sexy women that are also funny as shit.

  8. @ Mooner, your Gram gave you words of wisdom. You're exactly right. So many of these ladies become an object and nothing more.

    As for Falen and Lynn, I can't seem to get them on the same schedule. Those ladies are busier than politicians on the campaign trail. They know they have high enough status to pick any day of the week to get back on the show.

  9. Any human being has the potential to 'make it' anyway they want, but it's wise to acknowledge...

    Beauty is a public service :)

    1. I agree 100%! It is definitely a "public service!" Thanks for commenting!

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