Friday, May 6, 2011

Let Me See You Slutwalk

Let me see you Slutwalk! Do you know how? It's not hard. It helps to have the body and the attitude.

Okay, okay... no, this isn't the newest dance craze. Slutwalking is actually bringing an awareness to something serious, but at what cost?

This all started when a Toronto police officer said that if women stopped dressing like sluts, then they will less likely be the victims of sexual assault and / or rape. That raised the eyebrows of some people who said that the police were placing blame on the victim. So, in order to raise awareness to people "expressing themselves sexually in a healthy way," they broke out the "I Love Sluts" and "Sluts Pay Taxes" t-shirts and danced to hip-hop in the streets. Some even rollerskated around in lingerie.  Now Slutwalk events are being planned all over the world.

Over 2,300 people have already committed to attend a future Slutwalk event in Boston and another 2,000 committed for Seattle as the event has blown up on Twitter and Facebook. Of course you have groups who disagree as well. There was a "Pimp Walk" organized in Boston for the same day. I guess they thought they would hand out applications to new recruits.

 But, my question to you is:

How can you take something seriously if it requires shock value to get your attention?

"Hey, let's bring awareness to animal protection by clubbing this baby seal and eating its raw, lifeless carcass!"


"Let's raise awareness to drug prevention by snorting a wheelbarrow of cocaine!"

Sounds counterproductive to me not to mention that plenty of pervs will certainly attend these Slutwalks just to glance at some butt cheeks.

I understand the movement. No victim of a sex crime should feel they are at fault. That's part of the reason a lot of them won't come forward. But, dressing provocatively is the answer? I don't think so. People who commit sex crimes have a loose screw. So, if you know they're out there in the world, then why tempt them? I wouldn't wear pork chop underwear and stand in front of a bipolar dog expecting him to appreciate "my healthy expression."

Call it what it is. You're not raising awareness, you're looking for acceptance. You're taking a serious issue and turning into a movement that benefits your desire to dress however you like. I think people are too extreme now. There's always a middle ground, but no one wishes to take it. You're either far Left or you're far Right. You're either hot or cold. You either have Beiber Fever or dreams of kidnapping him. What's wrong with balance? Common sense is about balance. Common sense doesn't offend anyone and is fair to everyone. Let's use it now and then!

You can be sexy without being slutty. "Sexy" is an attitude. I explained that to everyone a few weeks ago. Let's avoid these extreme measures to get people's attention. Don't kill someone to raise awareness to murder. Don't punch a woman to raise attention to domestic violence. And please don't consider wearing lingerie in public unless you work at the shake joint in the proper venue.

1. dirty, slovenly woman.
2. an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.

And you're proud?


  1. Wow, hit the nail on the head with this post. I sometimes feel like quite the hypocrite because I know that NOBODY deserves to be sexually assaulted because of how they dress (or ANY reason, for that matter!) - but I will be the first to admit that when I see some scantily clad chick, the first word to slip past my lips is usually, "Hooker!" I'm not saying that they should be raped - but I'm also not saying I am a fan of the whole "lettin' er'ythang hang out for the world to see" movement. I cannot stand seeing women dressed super trampy (and that's solely based on my own hang-ups, I'm well aware of that) just as much as I can't stand seeing men "sagging" and having their underwear out for the world to see. I know that there are probably plenty of underlying issues for the chicks who do choose to dress "slutty" (a small percentage may just be really, really confident - but the vast majority are probably very insecure and enjoy the attention they get when they dress that way). I do think that there is something to be said for sending a "mixed message" when a woman chooses to let it all hang's like you're saying, "You like what I got? You want some of this?" And unfortunately - there are some folks out there who interpret that quite literally - like, "Yeah...I like it..and I AM gonna get some of it (whether you want me to or not)." That said, there are plenty of women who are sexually assaulted who do NOT dress provocatively - and they are just the poor victims of circumstance or wrong place/wrong time. In any event - rallies to "raise awareness" aren't always well thought out - and just like you said - are purely for shock value. That cheapens the issue you are trying to raise awareness about. Excellent post, usual!!

  2. I have nothing to add, because you've said it so succinctly. Well done.

    I will say this. Slut rallies sound somewhat intriguing. Can I be a slut too?

  3. Brandon - I vote to make YOU the house slut!!!

  4. While it is great that people want to take action and try to change things for the better, lumping everyone who has been sexually assaulted into the category of "slut" seems wrong. Victims of assault, no matter who they are (be they elderly women, children, hookers or what have you) don't deserve to be hurt or traumatized by anyone. People who perpetrate such crimes need to be held accountable. There should be no trying to justify someone's violent actions against another human being. Being perceived as being 'slutty' should not even factor into the equation.

    If someone wants to dress like a dork, or a nanna or a skanky chick then so be it. Criminals should NOT be allowed use the way a person dresses as their own personal excuse for why they abused a fellow human being.

    At the end of the day it is probably more effective to campaign for victims' rights and putting an end to sexual assault then it is to hold 'slut walks' in hopes of making scantily clad attire more acceptable.

    As for sexy, it is an attitude and has nothing to do with the way someone dresses.

    Happy Weekend Q!

  5. @ Reck - Thanks! You're right! Whether it's confidence or insecurities, it does send a mixed message. No one has a right to assault a woman, but I do think a woman bears some responsibility in not putting too much out there.

    @ LiI - Wouldn't you love to attend one of those rallies? "Yay, sluts! Hey, baby, how are you?"

    @ Empress - (applause) Nicely said! They should be advocating for victims' right instead of trying to justify the word "slut" and turn it into something good. The message being lost in this circus is the fact that victims aren't the focus. The focus is on people dressing the way they want.

  6. Honestly, I'd make protest rallies my own version of Wedding Crashers. Who wants to be my Owen Wilson??

    With that said, I fully support this cause, and think women never "ask" to be raped.

  7. Sluts have dreams too :D If the police have a problem then those sluts should dress as slutty cops! That should get them noticed. On a serious note though, women can dress in whatever they please it doesn't mean they want that kind of attention.

    @Idaho Can women apply? I'll bring my own alcohol but i would not participate in any motorboating. :P

  8. "Motorboating?" LOL! That word makes me laugh. Dressing as slutty cops really would get them some attention. Maybe unwanted attention. LOL!

  9. @Brandon - LMAO!

    I think what the police officer said was out of line, but at the same time, I think there is a time and a place to wear certain types of clothes too. I sure as hell don't want the "slut" reference to women in any kind of way. I would look closely at the individuals actually attending these .....sounds suspicious...

  10. Thank Q Motorboating is the art of a man placing his head between large breasts followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion accompanied by yelling. The resulting sound that is created sounds similar to an outboard boat motor.


  11. Oh, I know what it is, but it just makes me laugh to hear it used. Especially from a woman. That ups the funny meter on it. LOL!


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