Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Wars, Angry Cops, and Feisty Ladies

Watch this video...

Okay, first of all, what's up with the brothas with accents in Boba Fett gear? LOL! What club did they attend dressed like that?

Second, here's a piece of advice to everyone out there: if a cop asks you to turn around, lie down, and / or shut up, then it's in your best interest to do so. Cops are severely underpaid and under-appreciated. They tend to get agitated with you if you force them to do more than what is necessary. It's easier to comply and sort things later rather than get rowdy and potentially catch a beat down.

Finally, this is the way news is delivered today. No longer do your local news channel have exclusives. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera, so now, everyone is a reporter. But, despite the fact that there are so many video witnesses, cops don't appear to be shy when it comes to bringing the pain.

Now, as far as the video is concerned, I don't think the police had the situation under control and that's why it got out of hand. There was no reason to struggle with the lady like they did. Because he appeared to be upset with her being stubborn, he lost his cool and his aggressiveness provoked the actions of the lady who intervened. In a situation like this, I do feel that the police should be firm, but calm when emotions are this high. I would have cuffed both ladies to each other and told them I'd be outside whenever they wanted someone to unlock them.

Now, here's the same video, but from a different angle. Does your perspective change? Who's at fault?

Are you allowed to defend yourself against a cop if he / she swings on you or do you just lay there and pray for the butt whippin' to stop?

I know this much: I'd much rather deal with Angry Birds than angry cops.


  1. Ok, Police all over the damned place have been just rude and violent for no reason. (I won't get on my pedestal and point out to which of us keeps making the news about suffering from police brutality.)
    Notice how the woman he was pinning up wasn't doing a damn thing, while he had her pinned up.
    I'm not a fan of the police anywhere, from my own personal experiences with them. As far as I'm concerned the assholes who feel themselves 'holier than thou' cause they have a gun and a taser can kiss all of my ass and the crack in between. Bet if they didn't have all those 'weapons' it'd be a completely different story.

  2. An officer rarely throws the first punch. They can be aggressive with you if you're resisting. The girl that got clocked got involved, and got pushed away. She punched the officer, and at that point, it was on.

    Did he overreact? A little. But they are allowed to use force when needed. You're resisting, you're fighting, you're gonna get beat down.

    Cops 2, Boba Blakk 1, Girl in the black dress 0

  3. @ EmDottie - How do you really feel? I've not had any bad experiences with the police (thankfully). Having said that, I don't agree with how they handled things. You can't wrestle with someone in a situation like that. You talk to them. Now, we didn't get the full story, so it's hard to know what happened prior to him going Kembo Slice on the other chick.

  4. @ LiI - Boba Black? LOL! Wasn't that just the icing on the cake for the video? Not one, but two Boba Fett outfits and British accents? Once she touched him, it was on like Donkey Kong. Again, the cops could have defused this a lot easier, but when tensions are high and adrenaline is rushing, it's hard to not give into emotions even though cops are trained not to do so.

  5. You know, until you walk a mile in a cop's shoes, or a soldier's shoes, or a teacher's shoes, or an EMT's should reserve judgment about them - their jobs ain't easy. I'm not saying they get free license to run amok...but, damn, those are some hard jobs. Yes, conflict resolution skills should always be used first - but I bet you anything those bitches were drunk and mouthing off - and I'm sorry - we ALL know that drunk bitches CANNOT be reasoned with (having been one a time or two myself...just never arrested! LOL). And that chick that got hit put her hands on the cop FIRST. No touchy touchy the po-po, dingbat!!! I know there are dicky cops, but the vast majority of them are decent folks who get paid wayyyy NOT ENOUGH money to deal with shit most of us rather would not be bothered with. I seriously doubt the cops would have even been called in the FIRST place if that group of chicks was enjoying a nice, quiet, orderly meal at the IHOP. So, where there's smoke there's fire. That's all I'm sayin'.

  6. I totally agree with you, Quincy. There was no need for them to struggle like that & become that crazily aggressive.

    Did she push him accidentally or on purpose? I didn't get those details.

    There's doing your job & restraining people the right way. Then there's just being an extra abusive piece of crap.

    What chaos! And what was with the Star Wars bunch? lol. Halloween night?

    The cop hitting the last girl like that was just wrong regardless of what she did (To get him off her friends. Seemed like he was pulling the white girls hair for a moment there. Wtf), you just don't assault a lady like that being a guy, cop or not.

    I myself have never had any negative situations like so with the cops myself, but I'd be mortified if they were that aggressive.

    Honestly, though, I wish there was more detail of what happened before the chaos ensued & why the cops got so aggressive. Maybe it would change my viewpoint a bit.

    I LOVE the fact that all these cops are getting caught on video abusing their power. Rock on, the better part of today's technology.

  7. Thats rule 1. Obey the cops. We know they suck but they have the power so obey/

  8. @ Reck - I agree. Cops are way underpaid to put up with stuff. This video would have been the perfect start to our reality show, huh? :)

    @ Pixi - The 2nd video (link) shows the girl putting her hands on the cop first and then he went Chuck Norris on her. Again, I think it got out of hand, but she asked for it.

    @ Iz - Good rule. Just let things get sorted out later. No sense in catching a beat down over a misunderstanding.


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