Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Best Ever!

Have you ever had anything this good? I recall driving two or there hours to see a woman as a youth. It seemed to be worth it to me. But, have you ever waited hours... for a hamburger?

I lost count some where around 87 cars in line in that video. This hamburger must be the best ever! If you would have shown me this video without any captions, I would have thought that it was Black Friday at Best Buy and they were giving away the entire Star Wars series on Blu Ray along with an iPad 2 in exchange for four can goods. I've never seen a line this long for any restaurant.

They opened their first In-N-Out Burger location in Texas in the Dallas suburb of Allen. In-N-Out is big on the West Coast and it's nice to see certain iconic restaurants spread love across the country.

One lady was so happy over the opening of the location, that she was brought to tears.

If the burgers are this freakin' good, then I need to load up the Regal and jet over to Allen, TX right now! Bringing people to tears? Is the burger made with unicorn meat or something magical? The next time I visit my brother in Dallas, I'm going to ask him to roll over to In-N-Out and give the burger a try. If it's better than the Hut's Hamburger I had in Austin a few years back, then they may be onto something. Mooner Johnson can probably testify to Hut's. I think he's from Austin.

But, if the line is that long when we arrive, then we're just going to hit a Burger King and call it a day!

Readers, have you tried this magic meat and if so, is it that good?

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  1. Double double, grilled onions, animal style fries.


    Man, I'm drooling. The closest one to me is in Northern Utah, about 3 hours away...

    I'm contemplating a drive.

    In and out isn't a fast food joint. It's an experience.

    Soldiers on tour say the first thing they're gonna do when they get back to the states is hit up an In and Out. It's that damn good.

  2. Wow. I had no idea In-N-Out was putting it down like that, Brandon. When I first saw the video of the chick crying, I was like, "really?" But, it appears that people really think it's the end-all, be all.

  3. I'm a non-meat eater but I have known people that love In-N-Out so much that they wear the burger joint's t-shirts. Personally I like my meat to go in and out another way ; )

  4. LOL @ Empress! Watch out there now! This is a family blog! LOL! Not.

    I've never wanted a tee from any place I've eaten. Dag, there must be some premium cows on their farms.

  5. The only experience I've had with an In and Out burger is from hearing the Dude talk about one in The Big Lebowski. There's a place across town called "Busters" that caters to bikers and hard-core beer drinkers most of the time, but at noon every day of the week the place fills up with car salesmen and people in suits, because they make the best fucking cheeseburgers on earth. If you pick one up, you don't put it down because it will fall apart if it's left to its own devices... you have to keep a grip from start to finish, it's that thick and juicy. Nothing like it, and I've had a million cheeseburgers.
    Coolest thing about the place is the owner. I was in there one evening and saw a small man at the counter explaining that he'd heard about the place for years and had never been able to make his way to Murfreesboro to try it out. He was there to pick up a bag of carry-out, seven cheeseburgers and fries in four sacks. The owner wouldn't take his money, said because it was his first time he was a "virgin" and it was on the house. That was one happy man walking out of there, and I'll bet you a nut he's been back a half dozen times since with his family in tow. (of course, when I tried to say I was a virgin too, he told me to shut up and pay my bill...)

  6. LOL @ Squatlo! Pay your bill! I have to check that place out if I'm ever in the area. I'll drive for a burger. Nothing better than a good burger. We have a place here called The Bulldog and their burgers are off the chain. The Mrs. loves a couple of places here in Parker House and Char. A good burger is hard to find.


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