Friday, June 17, 2011

Can You Turn A "Pro" Into A Housewife?

Yes, you read that correctly. Not a ho, but a pro. A professional woman who is career-focused and may not be the "June Cleaver" her husband aspires for her to be. Is that a bad thing? To most people, it probably isn't, but to some, it is.

There are some insecure men who can't handle a woman who is career first, family second. They don't want to play the role of "Mr. Mom." My response to those men on how to deal with it:

GET OVER IT! You should never try to turn a pro into a housewife! If a woman wants to pursue her professional goals and you don't support her, then don't marry her. Allow her to stay single and available to do what is necessary for her to climb as high as she can on the corporate ladder.

If you do decide to marry her and she's "bringing home the bacon," then you cook it. There's nothing wrong with a woman who makes more than a man (as long as she doesn't remind the man of it). If she isn't interested in having kids for fear of stalling her career path, then discuss that before marriage and accept it. Even if she decides to have kids and there isn't enough time for her to care for them and perform "traditional" women roles, then you do it. It's just that simple.

Society has way too many problems today. If a kid is lucky enough to have two parents in a household, then more than likely, both parents work. However, if there is a situation where a woman is career-oriented and is on the path to big things, and she has the income of 2+ people, then fill the role of homemaker and do what's best for the family. Some guys think it's a blow to the ego to stay home while The Mrs. makes the money. Why is that? Do you think Kevin Federline is ashamed to walk around his friends with kids in tow? He's made millions by being Mrs. Britney Spears and that's nothing to be ashamed of at all. After all, should your family suffer just because your pride is dented a bit? Suck it up! Be a man and put family first.

Guess what, boys? It's Fruit Loops and Dora this morning!
Guys, let's support our ladies. With the amount of road blocks in their career path, it's hard for them to succeed in the office if they're being held back at home, too.


  1. You tell it Q! I love this post and thanks for being supportive of women.

  2. Thanks for the love, Lawfrog! I just like keeping things consistent. We need to do away with some of the unwritten rules that were instilled 300 years ago.

  3. "as long as she doesn't remind the man of it"? Shit, Q, my domestic goddess can go all Dragon Lady if she wants to conquer the corporate world, and I'll HAPPILY fry up the bacon, handle the laundry, and keep up with the soaps if that's what she wants. I'm one testosterone sloshing guy who would be overjoyed to have a woman willing to rock in the financial department. Men don't want their women to be successful? Get a damn dog, then!

  4. LOL! Yeah, maybe she should get a dog instead. I said "as long as she doesn't remind the man of it" because the last thing a woman should ever do is emasculate a man. Once you do that, he just stops trying. So, she has to avoid those types of things when having a spat. But, I agree. I could be a house husband if it was what was best for the family. Would I volunteer for it? No. But, if there were kids involved and it was a better alternative than day care, then sure! I'd be her male version of Martha Stewart. I'd be Martin Stewart. LOL!

  5. Martin Stewart?! BWAHAHAHA! You know, Q, having been the primary bread winner in my family (when I was married), the thing I resented the most was that I went to work, brought home the bacon, took care of my little hooligan, and my ex-husband would STILL call me up at work to ask me what we were having for dinner that night - and THAT was on HIS day off (bc he worked a weird shift and had weekdays off). Tha fuck?! And I always encouraged him to do whatever he wanted (job wise) - as he went through ten different jobs from the time my son was born to the time my son turned four. But, that's MY shitty choice in husbands, so it's on me. You are so on point with this post. All I can say is - from your lips to God's ear...

  6. He called you at work and asked what was for dinner? LOL! He had a brass pair on him, didn't he? That's funny. You were a patient one, Reck. No doubt!

  7. LOVE this post, my friend. I am so with you. I might not be a "pro" myself, but if I end up with a job that pays more and demands more of my time than my hypothetical husband, I would hate to feel guilty for it. One of the best qualities people can have (both men and women) is adaptability and the common sense to do what's best for themselves and their family, even if its unconventional.

  8. Erin - Ah, you said "common sense" (alarm sounds)! It's all about communication. People don't talk any more. They just rush into things. If the intentions of each person is established before the relationship becomes long term, then this would never be an issue. Because if they disagreed, they could just move on.


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