Monday, May 30, 2011

Embracing Diversity

As you know, I recently hit the 100 follower mark. People from multiple backgrounds around the globe fill that list and it feels great to interact with them all. It's a feeling that I welcome because I wasn't able to experience as a kid.

I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds. I'm not just talking about someone who may have grown up in the "deep country" or in the "big city". I'm talking about people who have immediate roots in foreign countries.

Growing up in Mississippi, pretty much everything in my school was black and white. Literally. We had roughly eight Hispanics, maybe two Asians and one Indian. I was vice president of our high school Spanish Club, so I knew most of the Hispanics. I had a class with the Indian, Pratop, who was fascinated by blondes and saw little-to-no time to hang out with the likes of my crew. I didn't know either of the Asians classmates while in school, but later met one of them a decade later in a nightclub when she recognized me. My knowledge of her barely went past a brief conversation that night.

So, pretty much through all of my youth, everyone I came in contact with daily was either black or white. I never got a chance to embrace different cultures until much later in life as I got into the workplace. Over time, I got to travel and I met and established friendships with my first Asian, Russian, German, etc. Now I have a melting pot of associates and the blogging world has extended that opportunity even more.

I've interacted with people from all over the world and I would just like to say "thanks." From Paula in Germany or Alice X in England to my Cuban-born blogging inspiration, Annah.

So, regardless if you're a Ukrainian-Canadian redhead named Cherie living on the west coast or a black, Mississippi educator sharing my home state like Diana, then I have much love for you!

If you're one of my readers from out of the country, please say "hello" in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you and find out how you found the blog.


  1. Good morning from Australia :)
    And you have the The Real Blogger Shores Undercover idol for helping me find you. I love the fact that through Blogging, I now have friends from all over the world

  2. Wow, Australia! I looks like a very beautiful country on the Discover Channel. I'm glad you came across the reality show blog and decided to follow! It's very nice to interact with people from all over the world and learn about different cultures!

  3. I'm with you, Q. I have followers (and some now acquaintances) from 6 of the 7 continents.

    First one to get a follower from the Antarctic wins!

    Wins what? I dunno yet. But it will be awesome.

    My Own Private Idaho

  4. If you get someone from the Antarctic, then let me know! LOL! The cool thing about interacting with people across the globe is to realize that we have quite a few similarities. Aside from the vernacular, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference when you read some other blogs. It's as if they lead some of the same lives that we do here in the states.

  5. I love this! I agree wholeheartedly with the fact that blogging opens up a whole new world of culture to you. Living in a small town in England for most of my life hasn't been the best mixture of cultures but since i am now working in a large city my eyes are opened to so many new things, people and places.

    Blogging has been a great way to connect with people from all different walks of life, that's why i love it so much. I wouldn't blog at all if it weren't for the people and getting a glimpse into their lives and opinions.

    Got some mad love for you and your blog Q

  6. Alice, I agree! "Different" can be nice! A lot of people don't want to embrace "different," but I welcome it. I only wish I had more of it while I was growing up. It took getting deep into Corporate America to develop new friends from other places. Now blogging has taken that to an even higher level of diversity and I'm loving it.

  7. People are people, Q. I'm happy I found your site, 'cause it's been damned interesting so far! I imagine I've seen nothing yet...!

  8. Thanks, Bob! I'm glad that follow yours as well. I now go to your site about as often as I do MSNBC or FOX News now! I love your spin on politics and I wish that everyone actually used their brain to make decisions rather than being told.

    And you're right... you haven't seen anything yet!

  9. Wow, you really get a lot of traffic from all over the world! I'm seriously impressed.

  10. Thanks! I'm hoping that I get some more comments telling me how they found the site, Tsaritsa.

  11. Very impressive stats you have there Q! You have more page views from the US alone than I have in my entire one year of blogging. Like you, I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of the blogosphere and as such I remain a snarky citizen of the universe. Have a great week!

    The Ranter’s Box

  12. Thanks, Empress! I don't know where all of these people came from now that I think about it. LOL! Now I just have to hypnotize them into clicking each ad before they leave the site. :)

  13. It's really cool, eh? =) I love this aspect of blogging!!

  14. It truly is, Pixi. It also helps us all realize that despite different genders, races, environments, that we're all the same in so many ways. We all have a lot of problems and enjoyments in common.


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