Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You're A Tough Guy, Huh? T-U-F-F!

"Don't you know that orange is the new black?"
A few weeks ago, I was watching a marathon of one of only two reality shows that I enjoy: "Beyond Scared Straight."  ("Cops" is the other one in case you were interested.)  Anyhoo, the reason this is one of my favorite shows is because it takes people who think they're tough and puts them in their place.  There is nothing like seeing someone being put in their place.  Unfortunately, it rarely occurs to people who really deserve it like Congress members, celebrities, etc., but when it does, it's a good feeling.

Now, some of you are reading this and saying to yourself, "but, Q, how can you find happiness in someone else's pain?"

Easy.  People who cause pain get no sympathy from me when they receive it.  Do you think that I would care about some Congress member who takes kick backs to ship American jobs gets bullied in return?  Do you think that I would care if some larger-than-life athlete or celeb who thumbs their nose at the fans goes broke?

Absolutely not.  And the fact that these are kids on these shows gives them an opportunity to turn their lives around.  Although it's not always the kids' fault they're bad, it still shows them the end result of the decisions that they make.  Kids don't believe that "fat meat is greasy."  That's why adults are on this planet.  We're here to teach the younger generation how to leave things in a better position than it was left for us.

Unfortunately, my generation dropped the ball.  We told our kids that it's okay to have your own identity.  We told our kids that it's okay not to listen to grown ups who aren't your parents.  We're responsible for the many disrespecting, unappreciative, confrontation children that you see at the mall or in schools.

I wonder if we could get Scared Straight programs for Congress, Wall Street employees, and Kardashians?

Do you think Scared Straight Programs are a good idea or can you not teach with fear?

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