Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(VIDEO) Judge Joe Brown Caught Slippin'

Judge Joe Brown & Wife (photo credit)
Oh, Judge Joe, say it ain't so!  If you haven't heard by now, Judge Joe Brown was caught slippin' recently.  He was in Hollywood drinking on a few Bombay Sapphires when a guy with a camera thought it would be a great idea to interview him.

Unfortunately for JJB, he was clearly drunk.  Now, although JJB's show has been canceled for six months, the guy still has a reputation for being "old school" and for "taking care of business."  That reputation could have probably led to politics or public speaking if he wasn't interested in returning to your everyday courtroom again.

However, despite his right to have drinks and enjoy life, he put himself in a very vulnerable position.  This tends to happen to mostly everyone who drinks for more than just the taste.  He left himself wide open to be embarrassed in social media and on TV news gossip stations.

He constantly used profanity during the interview as he posed with some young, attractive ladies.  He even mentioned that he made as much as $20 million per year on his show.  I'm not sure if that's true or not, but if it is, then that must mean that Judge Judy is raking in $30 million per year because her show has kicked butt routinely for a decade now.

The one thing that I will say about JJB is that he's truly a man in love.  He bragged on his hot wife constantly during his slurred interview and he appeared to be very proud of her.  Ladies, any time a man is drunk and he can't stop talking about you, then that man definitely has some love in his heart.

JJB is someone I looked up to in regards to being a model TV personality.  I still think that he's that guy because we all make mistakes.  But, he put himself out there in the worst way.  He showed a side that the public didn't need to see.  We all have something, regardless if it's as innocent as having a few too many to getting busy in the bedroom, that makes us look different to people if the public sees it on camera.

Drinking alone in public is a bad idea if you don't know when to stop.  Someone sober should be around to prevent something like this from occurring.  Judge Joe Brown now has one more court appearance to make in his life: and it's in front of the court of public opinion.

Did Judge Joe Brown do this to himself or did the interviewer take advantage of his situation?

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