Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pointy Stiletto Nails #MissMe

"Wolverine has nothing on me!"
I think that a woman who keeps her nails done adds to her beauty.  We're far past the days where fake nails are frowned upon.  In fact, I'm sure that many of my readers never experienced a time where fake nails/hair were taboo in most places.

But, despite the fact that I attempt to be open minded when it comes to trends, I sometimes get stunned at what's being called "fashionable."  

Maybe it's the 40-something in me, but there are some things that look like a prank to me until I realize that everyone is doing it.  Like the first time that I saw a guy with sagging pants.  I thought he was just lazy until over time, I started seeing plenty of youngsters doing it.

Well, add pointy stiletto nails to the list for me.  The first time that I saw them on someone, I think it was around Halloween.  So, I assumed that it was part of whatever costume she was wearing to the party that evening.  Boy, was I wrong!

I had no idea that this was a trend.  They're so pointy and look like weapons.  Again, I'm all for nails being done, but I'd like my woman to not look like a vampire if she can help it.  In my opinion, they take away the feminine side to a woman.  When I look at a woman's hands, I want to see softness and elegance, not ferociousness.

If you wear pointy stilettos, then don't feel badly about this blog post.  I'm not your man, so just continue to "do you" and ignore this.  But, as far as pointy stilettos go, you can miss me with that.

What do you think of pointy stiletto fingernails/designs?


  1. I love them! Get mine done all the time

    1. I'll admit that they've grown on me, Tiffany. However, the second photo is a bit much for me. I can probably tolerate the first photo if my lady got them.


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