Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Madonna is Still The Baddest Chick

There are so many famous people in the world, but very few legends. In fact, I think people don't understand how to be a legend these days. Sure, they're a legend in their own minds, but to the eyes of others, they're just a passing fad. There is an art to being a legend and most of today's "celebs" don't have a clue of how to do it. They need to seek advice from some of the old school artists.

Madonna could probably easily out-draw any female performer because she's a rare act. That's right. If you want to know why Madonna is still the baddest chick in the game, it's because she's a recluse. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "you never miss a good thing until it's gone?"

Well, that applies to people like Madonna, Prince and at one time, Michael Jackson. The fact that they refused to saturate the media with their faces made them more appreciated when they did make an appearance. That's not the case with some modern-day celebs. They try to get their face in every magazine or in front of every camera that they can. I realize that there are cell cams galore these days, but don't think some of these celebs don't seek them out.  I think that the younger generation of  fans has more patience with that, but for older guys like me, it drives me nuts. If I see/hear you every time I turn on my TV/radio, then I will get sick of you.

I hate hearing Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj on every single song that comes on the radio. If you drive an hour in your car and don't hear Lil' Wayne's or Nicki Minajs' voice at least four times apiece, then you must be listening to a country or gospel station. They not only have their own albums, but they will also perform on other people's albums as well.

Would Madonna make regular cameo appearances on someone else's CD? Heck, no! She's Madonna! An icon. A legend. She wouldn't play "second fiddle" with anyone like today's celebs do. When she performed in the Super Bowl back in January, she was the main attraction. As big as a star Cee-Lo is in today's pop culture, he was simply a background singer when Madonna was on stage. Cee-Lo went from "The Voice" to just "a voice" when Madonna was on the scene. Why? Because she's a legend.

There are many famous singers, but very few legends. Mariah. Mick. Whitney. Bruce. Prince. Celine. Santana. Aretha. I'm pretty sure that most of you know who these people are without me even having to list their full names. Why?

Because legends don't need them.


  1. I agree and disagree on Madge, for one very big reason:

    A Super Bowl appearance. Look at the last 5 super bowls and who has been the main attraction at the halftime shows. Has-been's and the Black Eyed Peas (who are quickly becoming irrelevant).

    Paul McArtney is a rock god, but he is way past his prime. I feel Madonna is in the same light. Yes, she can get current stars like Cee-Lo on stage, and Nicki Minaj to appear on her album, but until it goes platinum I think this is just another "Brett Favre" album on her part.

    1. She's definitely past her prime by 20 years, but I still think she's better than most. The fact that she's been in music since I was a teen and still manage to pull off a SB Halftime show is amazing. The very first cassette I ever bought was "Like A Virgin" to put a perspective on how long she's been doing it. Guys like The Who disappeared from 1980 until 2010, so I don't look at them in the same light. Madonna, despite a decline since "True Blue," has remained in the consciousness of music fans spanning over four different decades. That's legendary. And I'm pretty positive she could out-draw the Blackeyed Peas and just about any headliner you put against her since she's worldwide.

  2. She still has a lot of talent but for me she's past that creative peak. Although she's been great at reinventing herself lately she just lacks something.

    1. Well, being 50+ will cause some of that luster to fade a bit, but I think she's still relevant. That could be a condemnation of other female performers the fact that she still is.

  3. Okay, I've seen Madonna in concert and she's pretty slick. HOWEVER...I would not classify her as a legend...or even as a "singer." Madonna is a "performer." She does not possess the God-given gift that Aretha, Mariah, or Whitney had (and Whitney pissed me off with how she squandered that gift away on drugs and BS). Prince writes songs and plays instruments - and he is a sexy motha-*%cker!!! (saw him in concert too! that little man is B-A-D...BAAAAAAAAD!). Bruce even plays the guitar. Madonna performs. And she's really good at P.R. That doth not a legend maketh. Besides that...if she hadn't been careful enough to catch a little slip - she would have totally busted her ass during that half time performance at the Super Bowl. Coulda been disastrous. Far from legendary. Now, Janet's nipple??? Legendary.

    1. I think singers are few and far between now (thanks to auto-tune). Great musicians still exist, thankfully. Performer is definitely the way she should be classified, but her status still makes her a legend. It doesn't matter how she sells as long as she sells. I never said she was the greatest singer or musician. I'm just saying that if she announced a concert in the states, then she would probably outsell Beyonce, Christina or anyone else under 35 years old. It takes a lot to be able to last as a singer and enter your 4th decade.


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