Saturday, February 11, 2012

@TheTsaritsa is A Winner!

"The dog was getting in my face, so I ate him. What? Let me digest..."
I had my first book giveaway about a month ago. I had an extra copy of "Full Rising Mooner," courtesy of the man, Don Legacy himself, and I decided that I wanted to share it with one of my followers. Of course, you know with me, I don't believe in something-for-nothing. So, I decided to have a caption contest to make my followers earn the book. I displayed the photo to the right and said that whoever comes up with the funniest caption would win the book. I decided to make The Mrs. the judge just to try and make things as unbiased as possible.

When it was all said and done, The Mrs. chose The Tsaritsa's (Alexandra's) comment. Maybe it wasn't as unbiased as I thought since The Mrs. is a cat lover like The Tsaritsa and can't resist a jab at a dog. Anyhoo, I enjoyed all of the comments and appreciate those who participated. Alexandra, DM your address to me and I'll get the book out to her in a week or so. You can read it and be appalled and entertained at the same time like the rest of us who've cracked it open. LOL!

And thanks to Mr. Mooner Johnson himself for taking time to donate the book and autograph it for our winner! I'll have to send you an autographed photo of a topless Ann Coulter to show my appreciation of your good deed. There's nothing like a topless praying mantis to brighten your day, huh, Mooner?

Congrats to Alexandra of


  1. Well deserved, and congrats for being so funny!

  2. Replies
    1. Go, Tsaritsa! Get busy! Go Tsaritsa! Get busy! LOL!

  3. Q. Thanks for the publicity. I think that as the winner, she should be required to do a guest posting over to my place, and you should too.

    I'm the only one who reads my stuff who bites and I only leave marks when asked. If I can't get any actual guests, I'll just pretend to be you and write something anyway. Imagine this one:

    "My limited memories of that night with a stripper named Tawny and her boyfriend- a guest blog story by Q."

    Or maybe: "How I got the name Tsaritsa- from the back seat of a '59 Desoto to the front desk at Dial-A-Sex, one woman's climb up the ladder of success."

    Hell, I might still have a photo of Tawny.

    Thanks, again, Q.

    1. LOL! I know a Tawnya. I wonder if they called her "Tawny" for short. (pondering) Anyhoo,

      I'd be honored to do a guest post. I know I can't be nearly as funny as you are, but I'll do my best to entertain. Just email me and let me know the who, what and when.

      It would be cool for Tsaritsa to do a guest post over at as well!


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