Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deal Breakers!

I figured I'd do something special for all of the Valentine's Day sweethearts out there. Well, not really...

We all have certain things that we just can't accept when it comes to relationships. Some of us have a mental checklist that a person must pass if they're to be eligible for dates. Here were some deal breakers for me back when I was single:


If you talk like either of the ladies from the reality show "Tiny and Toya," then there's no way I would have considered bringing you home to Mom. I've heard cavemen in the movies with better grammar.

"Better don't miss our show!"


If you breath kicked like Jason Statham, then keep on steppin'. A woman's hygiene should be on-point at all times. 'Nuff said.

Shopping habits

If you had to have the latest name-brand gear, then I couldn't do anything for you. I didn't mind someone who shops, but I couldn't hitch my wagon to someone who splurges.

Those were a few of my deal breakers that I subscribed to prior to me marrying The Mrs. Everyone should have standards. I don't mean something stupid or childish like, "he has to be over 6'2" or she can't weigh more than 115 lbs." Those are for people who don't understand what relationships are all about. I'm talking about legitimate criteria that makes someone suitable for dating.

What are your deal breakers?


  1. Hm. My dealbreakers include:

    - Not appreciating Star Wars (or at the very least pretending to like Star Wars).

    - Being even less talkative than I am. Sitting in continual awkward silence isn't fun for anyone.

    - Being stupid. And ignorant. You don't need a college degree to be intelligent, but if you plan on arguing astrophysics with me, don't start off by telling me that man landing on the moon was a hoax. <~~~ This actually happened once.

    1. I must admit, I do think that everyone should see at least one episode of the original three Star Wars. :)

  2. I want an intellectual sparring partner. Someone with a sense of humor like mine, and can dish it out as well as she takes it.

    Humor is big on my list. One thing I can't stand is a woman who thinks she's on a different level. I don't like obedient, "good woman" types, and I don't like gold-diggers who think they have some sort of power over me.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't want anyone who's dumb. Regardless of how good-looking she is, if she's dumb, I'd get bored.

  3. I'm sorry, did you say anything after Jason Statham!? *drool*

    I agree with lost. I have to have somebody who understands my sarcasm, humor, and who can challenge me to a degree.

    I can't tolerate men who are jealous or who think they "own" me and my time.

    I'm with you on the hygiene and bad breath.

    I don't care if it's shallow or ridiculous he needs to be sexually compatible with me.

    1. Compatible? Meaning? (I'm going to milk that, Jewels).

    2. lol of course you are and I have no problem explaining (was going to earlier but it's more fun to make you ask).

      He needs to want it as often as I do (fyi-often), can't be boring (only missionary-laugh but I dated somebody like that), and must be able to take charge and be dominant.

      I just can't make do with a guy who isn't up for those things. If I have to coerce a man to have sex with me, then take charge every time, and then he just lies there...not gonna work! At ALL!

    3. I see. Well, I can understand all of that. Sounds fair to me. As long as there are no injuries involved, then so be it. :)

  4. Oh man, am I ever a picky bitch. I have a HUGE list of deal breakers. Here we go:

    1. Ohio State fan
    2. Animal hater
    3. Kid hater
    4. Easily offended (with a potty mouth like mine, you'd better have a thick skin. I know when to reign it in, but for the most part, I cuss like a sailor)
    5. Thinking it's okay to tell me about every sexual conquest you've had or gettin' all up in my business about mine. Some decorum, please...
    6. You spend more time playing video games than my kid does
    7. You refuse to eat rice (dude, that cuts out like 75% of our potential dining out experience)
    8. Straight up ignorance (being unexposed or unaware are different if you're willing to learn and appreciate differences, but if you stand by stupid stereotypes without investigating - I have no use or room for you. This would require you to be reasonably intelligent and open-minded. No rocket scientists required, but just don't be ignorant!).
    9. Thinking there is something wrong with my Hello Kitty obsession. Just accept it and smile. It'll grow on you.
    10. No.Sense.Of.Humor.

    1. Dag, Reck, I'm not sure that you have enough standards. LOL! Rice? Wow. You drive a tough bargain. I would have a problem with #9 though. LOL!

  5. My deal breakers....a pulse

    actually for me a girl has to have her own opinion and be able to argue it...

  6. A pulse is a deal breaker? Well OK then, Jeffrey Dahmer! LOL!!

    My deal breakers:

    - Does drugs of any kind
    - Is arrogant
    - Judgmental of those around him. We are all judgmental to some extent, but I mean the holier than thou types.
    - Needs to know what he believes in and be strong enough to stand up for it.

    1. Sounds reasonable to me! That almost describes Jeffrey Dahmer perfectly! :)


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