Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Are Enablers Complaining About Their Mess?

I'm trying to wrap my brain around something. I was watching a politician discuss the immigration enforcement laws in Arizona. He was speaking of how the "illegals" drive up our health care and steal our jobs.

That's when my brain simply allowed me to pose a simple, yet relevant question to myself: aren't rich people the reason people across the border to come to America?

After all, in order to have a pool guy, gardener, landscaper and nanny, you have to have someone who's rich enough to afford all of those things, right? Those appear to be the same people keeping up the most noise about illegals.

First, let me say this: I do agree that no one should be in the country illegally. But come on, the argument on illegals is hypocritical in so many ways.

I'm pretty sure that the Native Americans had issues about the "illegals" that "discovered" their country some centuries ago. Maybe there's a "what goes around, comes around" feeling going on in AZ.

I'll give you an example of how rich people enable something to happen, but then deflect the blame to the people who are being enabled:

The NBA. Huh? That's right. NBA owners and general managers are enablers. They recently passed a rule a few seasons ago that prevents high schoolers from skipping college and going straight into the NBA.

You may say to yourself, "Well, Q, it makes sense. These kids aren't mature enough for millions. They should go to college at least for one year and develop their game and their lives a little more."

Prior to the "new rule", how did high schoolers make it to the NBA? They were drafted! They didn't just show up at the NY Knicks gym and said "I want to play". They were selected.

So, how can the people who are drafting you to play say that you shouldn't be joining our league coming out of high school? Isn't the easiest way to deter them from coming to the league too early is by not drafting them?

But, no one wants to miss out on the next Magic Johnson, so they draft based on potential and 9 out of 10 times, end up with a guy who's mediocre at best and never truly learned how to play the game.

Again, the enabler is complaining about the "enabled". It happens in the war on drugs as well. The only people I see going to jail are users and low-level dealers. That's who the "war" on drugs is against. Not the bankroll of the operation, but the peons of the cartel.

Again, the enablers are leading the charge against "the problem". It's like Nino Brown being on the front line on the "war" on drugs against "Pookie". (That's a "New Jack City" reference for those not fortunate enough to have seen the 1991 classic). You need Netflix in your life.

Okay, I just saw a black guy who is storm chaser for The Weather Channel. That's a first. I prefer to go the opposite direction of tornadoes.

Sorry, I got distracted. Now I'm looking at people on my TV screaming down Mexicans in front of John McCain's office. I love Hispanic people and I feel sorry for those who are being taken advantage of for their cheap labor. It's a shame that so many people in the White House fussing about this issue probably have quite a few Consuelas and Hectors working on their estate.

Latinos are getting blamed for everything under the sun. Sure undocumented people drive up health care costs, but so do greedy pharmaceutical companies and Congressmen/women.

Latinos just want to make a living just like us. A lot of them definitely could make more of an effort to do it legally, but when are we going to blame the people who are paying them to be here illegally?

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  1. Its all a continuous circle! First it was "us" then the "arabs" now it's the "illegals"...people/society will always find a group to harrass or complain about to DISTRACT us from the real problem! Sweaty ball sucking donkey fucks!!! They will always point the finger to keep people from paying attention to the REAL problems of the world that THEY are causing! Rich people need to choke on a big peice of STFU and just enjoy the so called good life and leave hard working people the fuck alone!



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