Friday, September 6, 2013

Speak Now or Forever Shut Up!

We all know that famous line that is given out in most traditional weddings. Yet, very few people take advantage of the opportunity to present an argument to the marriage. Most of us just sit on our hands and allow our friend/loved one to possibly jump into the biggest mistake of their life.

What is the best way to tell someone you care about that they're making a mistake? Most people who are in love see their significant other through rose-colored glass.  So, how do you come between that when you know in your heart that your loved one may get hurt?

We've all seen movies or heard of nightmare scenarios from others about how their sister's husband had his hands all over another woman or their cousin's fiancee was seen head-bobbing in someone else's backseat.  It can leave you in a dilemma on what to do.  You know that if your loved one doesn't believe you that they will probably hate you for life behind your accusations.  Even if you prove that the accusations are true it doesn't guarantee you'll be as close as you once were.

The other side of the coin is doing nothing.  If you sit back and do nothing and it is later revealed that you knew all along, then how will that sit with your loved one?  Seems like a lose-lose situation to me.

How do you approach a loved one to tell them bad news about their s/o?  Or do you not approach at all?

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