Thursday, June 6, 2013

Understand Teen-Aged Girls

This is their life: Instagram.  LOL!
Okay, so here's my response if you were to ask me the best way to understand teen-aged girls: don't even try it!  I don't even understand adult women, so there's absolutely no way that I can figure out a teen-aged girl.  Let me start from the beginning...

My girlfriend has teen-aged daughters and I hang out with them from time-to-time.  Listening to them talk to one another usually leaves my eyes crossed.  Not that it's difficult to understand what they're saying because they're intelligent kids.  It's just that their conversation is so random that it takes you around the world before you realize what's happening.

The life of a teen-aged girl changes almost every five minutes.  From "she's my best friend" to "I hate her" in less than an hour.  Or "I love my outfit" to "this makes me look lame" in 20 minutes.  Or "that's my song right there" for every single song that plays on the radio.  Posing for Instagram photos over 50 times in a day.  It's just too much for my 41 year old manly mind to grasp!

I grew up with just an older brother, so I never really had to deal with teen-aged girls aside from a few cousins who would visit from out of state every now and then.  And things were much different growing up in the 80's than they are now.  There was no fascination with being a "mean girl," the music on the radio was mostly about love or dancing, no social networking and there was absolutely no reality TV.

Now, each child thinks that she's a movie star thanks to Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc.  Thanks to reality shows, kids learn how to develop cliques and feel "disrespected" by things that aren't even remotely disrespectful.  Wait.  I know some adults who are like that, too.

Anyhoo, it's very fascinating to talk to them and although I leave scratching my head, I do enjoy it.  It's a brand new element to me and it's captivating to know what goes through the mind of a teen-aged girl.  I thought that I would have to wait another 8-10 years for my god daughter to provide me with this "everything is a crisis" lifestyle, but it appears that I may have inherited it.  So far, I'm loving every minute of it.

Any advice for talking a teen-aged girl "off the ledge" for these modern day manufactured problems that they have?

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