Monday, March 11, 2013

What are Prenatal Receipts?

What are prenatal receipts, you ask? It's when someone has a child with a person to "establish ownership" with them. It's like getting a receipt for a purchase with the child being the actual receipt.

I'll give you some examples: Some military men have been accused of getting their wives/girlfriends pregnant before deployment as some sort of motivation to come home. But, I've also heard that some attempt to get her pregnant to make sure that she has a hard time finding another suitor while he's overseas. Getting her pregnant establishes a bond with her and acts as a deterrent to other guys.

Makes sense? Is it right for someone to do that? Would you be upset if you found out that someone got a woman pregnant for any of the above reasons?

Well, let's flip the script a bit. What about women who may seek a little "insurance" on their relationships? By "insurance," I mean a child. What makes a woman get pregnant against a man's will in order to keep him? 

We see this happen to athletes and celebrities all of the time. They wind up with babies all over the country because there's always a woman looking to have unprotected sex with him in hopes of hitting the "sexual lottery." Rapper, 50 Cent, once had a song that stated "have a baby by me, baby and be a millionaire."

Well, that statement is true in most cases we see, especially in the NBA. Sometimes, I wonder if you have to have at least two baby mamas in order to even get drafted into the NBA. It almost seems like a requirement for them. LOL!

But, seriously.  There is a motivation for some to have a baby by a rich person.  In some instances, depending on the person, child support payments can be $10,000+ per month for some athletes/celebs.  So, even if he doesn't marry you, then you're still getting paid more than 80% of the country simply because you found "the right one."

In my opinion, a child's life isn't a bargaining tool.  One should never look to use getting someone or themselves pregnant as a motivation to come home, deter other people or get paid.  Doing so just makes you a low life, if you ask me.

What do you think?  

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