Friday, March 15, 2013

Can A Woman Be TOO Independent?

We applaud people who are independent in this country.  Pulling yourself up by your boot straps is the mantra by so many politicians.  However, can one be too independent?  Okay, let me change that and get to my real point: can a woman be too independent?

Now, on the surface, it doesn't sound like it could be a bad thing, but it can be in a way.  Some women do it all.  There are single moms who work, go to school, cook every night and stay fit.  They call themselves "Wonder Woman," yet never seem to wonder why they can't keep a man.

An independent woman who doesn't know how to allow a man to be a man can find herself chronically single.  Men are driven by their egos and if a woman bruises that, then he may not be attracted to her long term.  Independent women tend to do this.

When a woman is independent, she is so used to doing things on her own, including traditional roles of the man.  So, it's quite easy for a man to feel left out in an independent woman's world.  Either she doesn't know how to allow him to contribute to the cause or she refuses to because she doesn't trust him to be around long term.

Whatever the reason, it can cause a disconnect.  So, ladies, I applaud your independence, but, know that if you don't maintain a balance, then you could wind up doing one of two things:

1) Running off a good man, who can't find a way to fit into your life.
2) Inviting in a slacker into your life, who loves the fact that you do everything!

How do you feel about it?  Can a woman be too independent to attract a man?  

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  1. I'm a very independent woman, but it is true that you have to let a guy be a guy. Like the first couple of dates, I let him pay and I'm very gracious when he does. But eventually, I want us to take turns. If the guy wants to open the car door for me, by all means, I let him. But I will NEVER act stupid or helpless to get or keep a man -- if that is what keeps a man, it's a man I want to lose anyway!

  2. I'm told very often that I am TOO independent, but it's how I'd hard wired. I'm trying to back off a bit, step outside my comfort zone and let others do things, but it is EXTREMELY difficult!


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