Saturday, November 19, 2016

You're Proud of Not Having Friends? SMH.

I see a ton of memes like this every week.  Someone appears to be proud of the fact that they don't have any friends.  The memes spin the situation so that you believe that the so-called ex-friends somehow betrayed the person who posts the photo.  Because of that, the person who posts the photo had to eliminate those people from their life.

For someone who has been on this planet for 4 1/2 decades, let me tell you that this is rarely the case.

People tend to lose friends for two reasons:

1) They are horrible at picking friends.  They tend to look for associates who are as trifling and as messy as they are.  Messy people can't stick together for long.

2) They are horrible people themselves.  They have a short shelf life because they're so rotten to the core, that people just don't want to hang around them for an extended period of time.  At some point, they'll even alienate their trifling associates.

Those are pretty much the main reasons.  If you can't keep friends, then more times than not, you're the problem.

Think about it: why would multiple people not be loyal to just you?

Now, don't get me wrong.  Sometimes you can outgrow your friends.  That does happen.  But a good friend tries to bring his/her friends up with them instead of bragging about leaving them behind.  You can't always elevate your friends, but the effort should still be there.

Be leery of people who not only can't keep friends, but act as if they are proud of it.

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