Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why So Much Hate on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day has been around for quite some time now. However, what was once embraced as a favorite holiday for some has turned into a time to be salty for others. I don't get it. Who hates on a day of love? People with social media accounts, that's who. Folks who think that because they have followers that it makes them some sort of expert on certain topics. Well, I'm no expert. I just have opinions. And I'm quick to admit that. But, there are two type of people who make my butt itch when it comes to Valentine's Day:

The Non-Traditionalist type

This is the person hates everything traditional.  They believe that all things can be done differently from how you celebrate Christmas to making up their own definition to what a relationship is.  They will comment on multiple threads explaining why Valentine's Day doesn't define the love you have in a relationship. They will get on their high horse and say things like, "well, we celebrate love in our relationship/marriage all year and not just on one day." Or something like "A box of candy and flowers that will die in three days don't symbolize love. It's just another commercialized holiday."

Look, if you don't want to celebrate the holiday then that's fine. Don't.  But, it's a bit petty to voice your opinion on the timelines of people who didn't ask for it. Any day of the year is what you make it. Some people make a huge deal about their birthdays. They may even count down the days for months. That's not my thing, but I don't go plastering comments on their timeline about how I treat every day as my birthday in an attempt to look superior.

Instead, I let them enjoy their moment because as long as people are happy then why should I care what is causing it? What makes them happy may not be a big deal to me and vice versa. But, a lot of people in social media don't have a mind that works like that. They camp out and look for an opportunity to pounce on your updates to show you that they're "smarter" than you just because they're different. It's actually kind of a sad cry for attention if you ask me.

The Single, Don't Need A Man type

We all know this person. Quick to give advice that obviously doesn't work because they're perpetually single. Most of the time this person is simply ignored. Everyone knows that she wishes that she was out enjoying herself on V-day, but because she's not, she's downplaying the holiday. "I don't need a man to celebrate. My son/daughter loves me." Or "I'm going out with my girls and celebrating V-day. I don't need a man to have a good time and be loved."

Look, if you're single then by all means enjoy your children (if you're a mom) or your friends on Valentine's Day. But, don't act like there's something wrong with those who may have a man. I read so many posts on FB of ladies saying "he may be taking you to dinner tonight, but he was with his side chick last night." Or "If his cell phone rings while you're at dinner with him then that's the woman he told that he had to work so that he could go out with you."

Seriously? You're over 16 years old and you're posting stuff like that on your timeline? SMH. By the way, that last quote is an actual comment from Facebook.  You can almost tell who is single or in an unhappy relationship/marriage on FB or Twitter just by reading some of the status updates. Social media allows people to think out loud and so we now realize as a society how many people hate almost anything they can't do successfully themselves.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day is a day of publicly expressing love. That's all it is to me. You can make of it what you want, but that's my opinion on it. It's why you send your lady flowers/candy to her job on Friday the 13th instead of giving it to her in person on Saturday the 14th. You send it on the 13th because you want her coworkers to see the expression of love delivered to her. It allows them to see her be happy as well as inspire some of the non-haters to want something similar to that happiness.

It's why some get dressed up and go out to dinner that evening. You do so as a way to publicly express your love/care. It may not appear to be a big deal, but it means a lot to what appears to be a majority of people in this country. It can be an expensive holiday and it's true that it is commercialized like every other holiday. However, if it makes people smile then why complain about it? Because you don't do it? Because you honestly think that no one has ever considered it your way before?

You can wear an over-sized t-shirt, sweatpants, and eat McDonald's on the couch with your loved one if you want. You can go to Chuck E. Cheese's with your kids. You can visit a relative, go shopping, write a blog, or whatever it is that you want to do. I'm not telling you how to celebrate (or to celebrate at all). I'm just saying that if it's "just another day" for you then act like it. And please refrain from trying to damper the spirits of others on a day that they wish to celebrate.

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