Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Breaking the Barrier of Mental Health with @ConsultBrandy
Last Saturday, I decided to do something positive with my free time and participate in something very important.  There was a panel discussion on the importance of mental health going on in Memphis, TN and I wanted to be a part of it.  So, I made the 199 mile trip to the National College of Business & Technology venue to see what the Breaking the Barrier of Mental Health seminar was all about.

It was put together by "Mental Health Counselor to the Stars," Brandy J. Flynn.  She specializes in providing services to not just everyday people, but athletes and celebrities as well.  She was joined by Lifestyle Consultant, Jameka Jones, out of Memphis, TN and counselor, Gerald Vernell, also from Memphis, TN.

The event was a great experience! I enjoyed the interaction with the panel of experts and how they articulated their feedback. Although mental health is a serious topic, they kept things lively and engaging for the audience.

Brandy was a wonderful hostess and did a masterful job of providing segues for each of the topics. You could feel the passion for what she does as she spoke. The same can be said for her panel of experts. My only regret is that I missed the first event held back in May.  However, I definitely plan on attending the next one in October and hopefully bringing some people with me.

On one of the topics there was something Jameka mentioned that stuck with me.  It was how people not having dinner together can prevent the opportunities for outward expressions.  Back in the day, people sat at the dinner table and discussed what was going on in their lives.  The kids talked about school.  The parents talked about work and/or community issues.  But, not any more.

Quality time with family is rare these days due to work schedules or just plain disinterest.  A lot of us would rather watch TV as we eat or put in our ear buds.  That causes a lack of communication which could lead to a suppression of feelings.  And without that aforementioned outward expression, where is the outlet to help cope with a potential underlying issue?

That is just one of the many examples given during the 120+ minute seminar that left everyone much more educated on the importance of mental health awareness.  I recommend that all of you click the link under Brandy's photo and follow her blog.  It will change your perspective on life, but only if you're truly paying attention to what you're reading and if you really want a change in your life.

Let's not sweep mental health concerns under the rug.  There are a lot of people out there who need our help and some are family members and friends.  We can no longer ignore people when we suspect that something could be happening to them.  And also keep in mind that counselors like Brandy aren't only for helping you through issues they are also for helping you prevent issues.  You don't have to be in a bad state of mental health before you see someone.

Treat mental health like you do your physical health and get a regular check up.  You'd be crazy not to do so.

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