Friday, April 4, 2014

A Hairy Situation

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Guys are very visual when it comes to women.  Some of us are very particular when it comes to the opposite sex.  We have things that we like.  We have things that we love.  But, we also have things that are deal breakers.

Deal breakers differ from guy to guy, but a lot of us have very similar things that we just don't like to see on a woman.

Take a look at the lady to the right in the photo.  She's an attractive lady and is in great shape.  However, if you enlarge the photo then you will see that she has fine hair covering most of her body.

Would that be an issue for some dudes?  Ladies, how do you feel about it?  Is it a good look or not?

All of us have imperfections that we have to deal with in some shape, form or fashion.  Fat guys have man boobs.  Some dudes have baby-making hips.  Some women have big hands/feet.  Some women don't have any (feminine) curves.

You should never judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest: we generally do.  However, is it different if it's something that a person has control over or not?

Recently, Madonna released a photo that shows that she doesn't shave under her arms.  She hashtagged it #LongHairDontCare which is absolutely hilarious.  However, how do you feel about the photo?  Does it not matter to you?  Is it repulsive?

If Madonna wasn't a multi-million dollar celebrity would this be a deal breaker for a majority of guys who may have wanted to approach her?  Would it also make them consider that she may be hairy in another place on her body?

I know that I run the risk of a feminist group coming down on me for even posting about women and body hair.  I'm not saying what Madonna has done is somehow wrong or anything like that.  People should be attracted to others based on personal preference and not worldly preferences.

How do you feel about women who are hairy in non-traditional places?



  1. A little hair on the armpits doesn't bother me too much but - and I may seem shallow for saying this - I'm a pretty hairy guy & I'd prefer she not give me competition in the body hair department (please don't hate me, feminists). As for her being "hairy in another place on her body", let's just say I've seen enough Japanese adult movies to desensitize me from that issue.

    1. LOL! Japanese porn does can "natural" to another level, can't it?

  2. Interesting post. Coming from the female side of things, I must say that body hair grosses me out. I don't mind facial hair at all, but body hair is just ick, especially when it appears to come from the gorilla family. I don't particularly like to see it on women either. It seems to be the opposite of what we're supposed to be about, and to me, it just screams nasty. Of course, I'm all for women having the right to do what they please, but ya know.

    1. You're right, Anita. To each their own, but I do think that a majority of people don't care for "furry" that much. Even guys can look like grizzlies when they take their shirts off and that's not appealing to a lot of ladies either. However, to see a woman with a little more than an acceptable amount of fuzz can really turn off some dudes.


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