Monday, April 7, 2014

#AfterSex Selfies? Seriously?





That is an example of the nervous twitch my eye had when I came across this phenomenon.  Taking selfies after having sex and then sharing it with the world.  In a country where people complain about having surveillance cameras on street corners for protection is a violation of privacy, we have people sharing the after-shocks of their sex faces.

(Deep breath)

I guess that I shouldn't be surprised by this.  Social media has created an illusion that everyday people are Hollywood stars.  It's created an attitude that a person has fans who care what they're doing every single minute of the day.  Because of that, nothing is sacred any more.

Now, I realize that I'm 42 years old and I'm not too far away from telling kids to "get off of my lawn!"  However, that doesn't mean that I never did anything stupid when I was young.  I know that kids will be kids and do things that 40-somethings and above will not understand.  But, the difference I see in my generation and younger generations is that we did appear to have more pride in ourselves.  Some things will still sacred to us.  To them it's just trying to get attention and responses from their "fans."

Because of that, I refuse to search for #ToiletTweet for fear of what I will find.

How did we wind up parenting a generation where nothing appears to be sacred?

Dude, keep your private life to yourself.


  1. WHY!? Why is this is a thing? Oh my goodness. You know what the next step is, right? During sex selfies. Guy hitting it doggy goes, "Hold on honey...selfie time." I swear, I have no idea what people are thinking!

    1. Jewels, I'm pretty sure that it's already out there somewhere! LOL! I refuse to Google it and have my eyes blinded!


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