Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Control Won't Work

No child should ever go through this.
The shooting that occurred today in Connecticut was extremely sad.  To see innocent children lose their lives to a maniac is tragedy defined.  However, as much as I'd like to think that gun control is the answer to the random, cowardly and senseless violence that occurs in our country today, it's not.

We keep discussing Afghanistan and spending money over there despite the fact that we have terrorists here in the states.  Terrorists who walk around daily and who look exactly like us.  The latter is the scariest part of it all.

What can we do to prevent things like this?  Well, it won't prevent it, but maybe it would help to have more troops here in the U.S. than overseas in some other country's business.  It would help if people actually tried to raise their kids properly and provide them with professional help instead of sedatives.  It would help if gun possession was taken more seriously.

We keep hearing about "gun control," but what exactly are you controlling?  Do you think making it harder for the average citizen to get a gun is going to protect from random shootings?  No!  Why?  How many dope dealers do you know that buys their guns from Walmart?  When is the last time that you saw someone fresh out of a psych ward in Academy Sports getting an AK-47?

Don't get me wrong.  Gun control would prevent some bad guys from getting guns, but I'd doubt that it would be very many.  Gun control would prevent someone like me from buying a gun for my home for protection.  Well, maybe not prevent, but make it difficult.

Look, I'm not a gun advocate.  I despise guns.  I'd much rather punch an assailant in the face than shoot him.  But, let's be real: assault and high-powered weapons will always be accessible by nuts and cowards.  Always.  Because there is always someone willing to sell to Satan himself just to make a dollar. 

So, why should the cowards be armed and the people who want to protect their families have to go through legal red tape?  I really feel badly for the deceased victims' families in this shooting.  Every holiday season, they'll have to think about how someone took their loved one's life. 

Something needs to be done, but it needs to be creative.  Stop punishing those without criminal records and limit gun control to those with criminal records.  Have real laws for illegal gun possession instead of these slaps on the wrists.  Actually put people in jail for a significant length of time for severe domestic violence convictions and provide counseling.  Let some of our military people provide security at home instead of in some other country.

We're just one or two more incidents away from all public places being locked down like prisons on a regular basis.  We need to do something before we reach the day that we get frisked and scanned going into a McDonald's.

What do you think that the stop the violence solution should be?


  1. There really is not a "creative" solution, but rather a collective solution. The saying "it takes a village" is true. When we see things we must be willing to be a part of the solution , rather than ignoring the problem.

    There are those who don't know how to show their children love and affection. There are children trying to raise children, yet they themselves need guidance. Yet, how many of us are willing to invest time, talents, or money to invest in others.

    Even if it is one day, that one day could have a great impact on a child. Take time to invest in others and look past your own situation. There is always someone worse off. A random act of kindness could be a defining moment.

    1. Very true. If only enough people shared the same mindset. There isn't a clear-cut solution although people try to make one by suggestion "gun control." Even if that's the case, then how would the law be structured? There's so much that goes into it.

  2. Q. Please allow me to make the simplest case possible for gun control. Other than America, where do school children routinely get slaughtered in their classrooms? Kabul, Bagdhad, Mogadishu and America--all locations where fanatics have access to steel-tubed killing machines.

    I've been to England and I can tell you that the Brits have ten times more super loonies per capita than us. But they don't have the guns, Quincy. These shooters' motives exist all over the world but they lack the oppertunity to mass murder with legally-purchased guns. If a lunatic decides to kill they can't kill thirty people in two minutes.

    The kind of gun control we need is to have it be unlawful to own or have one in your possession and outlaw the ammo. Put teeth into the laws and enforce them. Release all the pot offense prisoners and fill our prisons with gun runners.

    1. Mooner, it's hard to argue with that. I just don't think that anyone would completely ban guns. Especially in a society where violence is considered cool. Maybe the British are just smarter than we are, but since we're too arrogant of a country to admit faults, I doubt that things will ever change. But, you're right: if the laws against gun possession were taken more seriously, then it would change things.


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