Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got Muscle Milk?

We all have our own idea of what is sexy. Even though this idiot tried to scientifically determine what looks good and what doesn't, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, I recently came across a women's body building site, thanks to the randomness of Google, and after viewing a few photos, I thought I'd blog about it and see what my followers had to say.

Now, I'm all for fitness, but I'm just going to give my personal opinion on this: I think some ladies take things a bit too far. Being toned is one thing, but when you're bulky enough to be a tight end (no pun intended) for the Green Bay Packers, then that tends to turn me off a bit. There are varying degrees of weight lifting for women. Here's an example below of a lifter who wouldn't be considered as an extremist:

Still looks feminine despite muscles.
Okay, for a lot of guys, she still has her shape and looks feminine enough to not scare some of us off. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we're going to do this post based on what a majority of people may think. Ladies, is the above lady acceptable by your standards? Guys, is she eligible to date in your book? Let's move on to the extremist level:

I will crush you with my thighs, puny man!
Wow. Got Muscle Milk? A bit too much? She would be for me. I can only imagine that being in bed with the lady above would be equivalent to laying down with a sack of broken bricks. Again, I'll beat a dead horse on this statement and will repeat that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, having said that once again, ladies, is Helga (I really don't know her name) a bit too much for you? Would you ever desire to have a body like hers? Fellas, do you think she'd be someone you'd love to have on your arm when going out to dinner and a movie?

I'd love to know everyone's opinion on this. What's your take on female muscle mass? As for me, softness and femininity is important to me. I'm all for a toned body, but give me someone along the scale of a Bry Jensen and I'm good.

Nothing wrong with a little balance, right?




  1. Too much muscle is not attractive (to me) on anyone, regardless of sex. Then again I hardly think their goal in life is to get my approval, so I tend to not bother about it.

  2. I've always been attracted to athletic women (as well as "girly" girls, chubby girls, women with musical talents, women who can't play an instrument... basically any female human...) but the sight of a muscle bound lady is a bit of a turn-off. There's nothing wrong with a woman being athletic, but the muscled-up, bulky kind of steroidal vein-poppin' thing makes me a little leery. Guess I've seen too many of those vids where the beautiful chick turns out to be a guy with breasts... Eye of the beholder, I know.

  3. @ Kissowa - LOL! Good point. I'm not sure what exactly these ladies seek, but they're getting something out of being capable of crushing the average man in a head lock.

    @ Squatty - LOL! The next to last sentence almost made me spit up my Coke Zero. Yeah, I don't want anyone who is going to remind me of a dude. I like my women soft and these women look like they would feel like a sack of door knobs.

  4. I would much rather have the last ladies body. The middle gal is too butch and scary!

  5. Too much muscle starts to take the feminine look of a women away. I think some women get carried away and go over board like the woman in the 2nd picture (yuk), but to others that is beauty.

    Either way, getting in shape is the main goal and being healthy, but there is a limit that I won't go past.

  6. I'd like to add to the comments that I made on twitter here by saying that women do not NATURALLY ever look like the second picture that you've added - I could lift as heavy as I do, as often as I do for the rest of my life, and I'd never ever look like that until I started abusing steroids and testosterone. The lifter at the top and the photos of myself are representative of natural fitness - what can be achieved without chemical abuse - and thats how I draw the line. Its the same line I would draw for a man!

  7. Fitness is extremely important, which is why I'm a fit fat instead of simply fat.

    Now, if only I could drop that last part...

    Bry is a fantastic example of a happy medium. Fit women are sexy. Fit people are naturally sexy. But most men I know don't like a roid-rage woman, and most women I know don't like it in a man.

    Anything in extremes is usually not good. Muscle mass included.

  8. Q. Another interesting post. I want nothing to do with Arlene Schwartzenegger (SP) unless and until I'm old and feeble and need someone to haul my rangy old ass around. THEN, Arlene is the woman for me.

    But as long as I can lift a spoon, raise a Carta Blanca to my lips and wipe myself, I like thin to medium heavy women.

    Unless, of course, all women started buffing up and I was required to choose from among Arlenes. Then, maybe I'd look more carefully at a woman's eyes. I'm told that steroid rage can be seen in their eyes.

    Bye the bye, Bry would be in my "hot" catagory.

  9. @ Adsila - Yeah, I'm sure a majority of people would as well. Bry is a perfect balance.

    @ LogAllot - I wonder how healthy it is for She Hulk. If she does take steroids like some of these women do, then she could be extremely unhealthy despite the lack of body fat. I wonder if these ladies have health issues later in life.

    @ Bry - Very well said. Men definitely overdo it as well some times. Some guys have chests so wide that I wonder if they can even fold their arms. Using performance enhancements can be dangerous.

    @ LiI - Extreme is the best way to put it. Any time you can bench press a Buick, something extreme has definitely been done.

  10. @ Mooner - Everyone is a fan of Bry. She has sweet website design and has great fitness info to go with her photos. And, if the world was full of She Hulks, then I can only imagine how difficult it would be to pick one. I'll have to remember your method for detecting rage to avoid being ripped apart.

  11. I'm sure I just saw the last girl in my gym... in fairness I did have sweat pouring into my eyes but I'm sure it was her ;)

    Happy new year!

  12. @ G - Happy New Year to you as well! Well, if you live in Canada, then maybe you did see her. :)

  13. Showed them to my hubby and he said, "That's a guy!" to "Helga" -- yikes, not for me, I have to say!!

  14. @ Kathy - LOL! She does look a tad bit rough around the edges, huh? :)


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