Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricanes Bring The Ruckus

"Q, you have to try some of this cake!"

So, I've been watching The Weather Channel for a week now and it's fascinating. Not just because of Stephanie Abrams, but because I am learning tons of facts about hurricanes. I thought I'd seen enough broadcasts to know all there is to know about these storms, but it appears that I learn something new each season. I'm also seeing interesting people on TV as well. Hurricane Irene is coming to town with clenched fists and she's bringing the ruckus.

My question is: what makes a person stay during a hurricane?

Hurricanes are fun!

Now, when Hurricane Katrina hit six years ago, despite the fact that I'm located 175 miles from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, I had to endure 100 mph wind gusts and torrential rains. 175 miles away and Katrina still ran me from my home! I can't imagine what the people who didn't evacuate that area had to endure, but I spent Labor Day weekend in Dallas while my power was out.

So, when I hear some nut being interviewed on The Weather Channel saying that he's going to "ride the storm out" only five miles from the beach, I scratch my head. Do they not watch TV? Do they not see the seriousness involved in their decision when the police department asks you to sign a waiver and list your next of kin? They can't come get you if something goes wrong because they're going to a shelter. I'm watching interviews with surfers who are talking about how cool the nine foot waves are instead of packing up and heading as far west as their wallets can take them. There have already been fatalities, including a person killed when a tree fell on their truck.

There's no such thing as "just a hurricane!" Category 1 or not, it's still a hurricane! Besides, a Category 1 storm can have winds between 74-95 mph on top of being capable of spawning multiple tornadoes and surges that causes extreme flooding. I know that The Weather Channel loves to sensationalize things and make every storm, "a storm we've never seen before," but at some point you have to rely on your own common sense and make a judgement.

They see me rollin'...  They hatin'....
So, do like these people above and get the heck out of town! Irene isn't playing! And when she's done bringing the pain to your property, the oil companies will bring the pain to the gas pumps! Believe that!

Coming to a gas station near you on Labor Day Weekend '11


  1. TQ. OK, first, I think that natural selection is a wonderful live or die game show, and it never seems to run out of willing contestants.

    Second, I find it refreshing to see Mother Nature spread the wealth of her climate adjustments with the upper East Coast. I have a New Yorker buddy who says that hurricanes and tornadoes are reserved for states full of redneck cracker asses.

    Hey, Ricardo--how's that ass taste?

    I can hardly wait to see who the prick, Rick Perry, blames this hurricane on. You know New York just legalized gay marriage.


  2. @ Toni - No doubt!
    @ Mooner - "Natural Selection" would be a good reality show, wouldn't it? I'd have that series saved on my DVR for sure! You know, there will be a lot of people blaming this storm on gay people just like they blamed Katrina on the lifestyle of New Orleans residence. Crazy, right? As for Ricardo, I guess it will be an eye opener for some northern people to see what a hurricane can do.

  3. The gas companies are already sticking it to us and so are the grocery stores that decided to jack up their prices. Thanks a lot. That being said, luckily, the storm didn't hit as anticipated and none of the casualties of the storm were from staying in evacuated areas bu rather from trying to drive through flooded roads, being stuck in a car for hours with live lines on the car, tornado, falling trees. My area went crazy preparing for a whole lot of nothing (not that I'm complaining). I have no idea what makes people stay other than the thought that if they are there they can help protect their home/business which is just idiotic. Now everyone who did stay is saying, "See it wasn't that bad...we didn't have to go anyway." However, it could have easily gone the other way.

  4. @ Jewels - Yeah, everyone who lived can say "what's the big deal?" However, there are quite a few people who cannot say that, unfortunately. I agree with you. I'm all for preparation, too. Storms are predictable and although some cities may "appear" to do too much, it's a lot better than not doing enough.

  5. You know what was MOST annoying about the whole Hurricane Irene deal? The whole friggin' world had to stop because THE EAST COAST was threatened...never mind the fact that last year, Nashville was UNDER WATER and we barely got ANY news coverage. Same goes with when weather stuff hits any other place (except for California...bc I secretly think a lot of people, myself included, are waiting to watch for Cali to fall off into the ocean! Now THAT'S some natural selection...LOL).

    When I lived in FL, we went through many hurricanes. We usually stayed put only bc we weren't in the "evacuation zone" of our county and we had hurricane shutters and our houses were built sturdier down there (and I was "inland") - but my house still got damanged during Hurricane Wilma. The other reason we didn't evacuate was bc it's a helluva long drive UP through FL - and the traffic is retardo-stupid trying to go north (no point in going east or west, bc it's literally like less than 2 hrs across the state in S. FL where I lived). The dumbasses who stayed in their cribs on the beach, well, they were another story...If you get TOLD to should. And if you have that nagging little voice in your head saying, "Let's dip..." you should probably just go on ahead and listen to it!

  6. @ Reck - Leaving FL isn't easy considering everyone and their mom is on I-95 or I-10. That has to be rough! But, you're right. When the east coast gets affected by anything, it's 24/7 news. Maybe because NYC is the biggest TV market or just because nothing is news unless it involves NY or Boston. :)


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