Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Not Know Where You Are?

The Mrs. and I went to a restaurant tonight and despite viewing poor customer service and business mismanagement, we came across an very unusual sighting.

Well, let me rephrase: a very unusual sighting for August in Mississippi.

Behold! A sweater in August! (Click to zoom)
Dude, do you not know where you are? This is Mississippi! The humidity is always 95%+ and the temps are scorching even in the shade! The temperature at the time this photo was taken was roughly 92 degrees, so luckily for Mr. Sweater, it wasn't one of those 115 degree heat index days.

Still, to bust out in that sweater, with a shirt underneath, almost seems suicidal. His "pay date," as I heard someone refer to the lady with him, was wearing a skirt and was a complete contrast to Mr. Sweater.

I only wish I had the guts to ask the guy what he was thinking as I exited the restaurant.


  1. Maybe he was running a fever and had the chills? That's bizarre, though. I'm known for wearing sweaters in the summer, but that guy also looks a lot larger than me. Hmmm...

  2. It (slightly) covers up his man breasts.

    It's bad enough when you're a guy and your date has to pay your way. But when your boobs are bigger than hers? That's just sad.

    Poor sweater man. I bet he was pouring sweat from every pore...

  3. Maybe it was brand new and he just couldn't wait to wear it. Still he must have been sweating like a pig!

  4. @ Tsaritsa - even for a cold, if it's that bad that you have to wear a sweater in MS in August, then stay at home. LOL!

    @ LiI - LOL! He did have her beat in the chest area. I bet he was basting like a turkey inside of that sweater. At least he probably lost 15 lbs.

    @ Alice - I'm guessing with the back-to-school craze maybe he did get excited and put on his winter clothes too soon. All he needed was some corduroy pants.

  5. Perhaps he was thinking that the pattern on the sweater would be slimming and/or help hide his man boobies. Can you say sexy? Not!

  6. Maybe he is one of those people who lacks the ability to feel extremes in temperature. I'm reaching here because this is just so weird, I have to find some explanation.

  7. The answer to this mystery is obvious: he was transported (beamed up) from a colder climate, probably Greenland, and didn't have time to research his intended destination properly.

    That, and covering the man-boobs thing, and the slimming features of the sweater ( a Xmas present from his mom, the pay date's aunt).

    It's a Mr. Rogers thing.

  8. @ Empress - I guess he would have come out better wearing a t-shirt and bra.

    @ Lawfrog - LOL! Well, I have a suggestion: maybe it was laundry day. :)

    @ Squatlo - Mr. Rogers would have been proud. Actually, I think your explanation is the most logical! He's a Trekkie from another stardate! Scotty beamed him down and he didn't have time to get into the proper attire.

    We have a winner!

  9. TQ. Give that poor man a break. Finally nabs a date and the sweater is the only thing in his wardrobe that goes with those spiffy pants.

    Pay dates like a sharp dressed man!


  10. @ Mooner - Yeah, you may be right. I should just applaud him for having the money needed to secure a date. His attire shouldn't matter. At least he had an escort to the ER once he had a heat stroke.

    @ Iz - Comfort is a bit overrated, isn't it?

  11. @ Reck - No doubt. He's "on fire!"


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