Sunday, January 8, 2017

Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number?

I've heard people say that "age ain't nothin' but a number" before.  However, it's usually a young person saying it.  I've never ever really used the phrase before, but it's definitely not crossed my mind since age 30.

However, at 45 years old, I find myself being approached by younger women (for dates) from time-to-time and it feels awkward to me.  I have peers who would jump at the chance to get with a 20-something who's sniffing around, but I'm not just on that young tip.

Over the past few months, I've had women ages 26-29 approach me for some form of relationship and I will admit that I've been surprised by something:  Some of those younger women appear to be more mature than the women in my preferred dating range (late 30's - mid 40's).

I brought it up to some of my homies and one of them had a theory.  He said, "Younger women don't have as much baggage as older women.  Therefore, they still have hope that they can find a man who simply wants to do the right thing."

I started to wonder if he was onto something.  Was "having hope" the key to all of this?  Did these young ladies believe deep down inside that I would treat them right simply because they haven't given up on love yet like some older women have?

Just how important is "hope" when it comes to dating?


  1. Q. OK, for starters, I find myself unable to to have a discriminative attitude towards any aged woman. Maybe better said, women of any years. With my history, mayhaps I might have employed some sort of discretion, but have narrowed by age would have been the wrong approach.

    My own experiences have shown that by varying the width and breadth of you choices, you expose yourself to a wider world view on just about everything life has to offer. OK, and that said, it underscores what I meant by using discretion. I once dated an age-appropriate woman who declared she's like to feed me to the coyotes after I forgot we had a date just the one time. I didn't show, didn't call, and instead spent the evening down to the dock with the animals.

    I give her a call a few days later to ask for a movie date and you can guess the rest. And maybe that's a bad example of bad choices and dating criteria.

    How about this? Try it, you may like it.

    So, fuck Walmart!

    1. Hey, Mooner! Interesting story! LOL! Although I am a firm believer of "don't knock it until you try it", a man has to know his limitations. I prefer to have someone who at least grew up similar to me. Maybe learned to drive before cell phones or watched cartoons on Saturdays only. Someone I can share those type of memories with preferably.


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