Sunday, January 31, 2016

"My Wife’s Li’l Secret" by Eve Rabi #Books

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She called me the miracle in her life, I called her my little treasure. Sounds corny, I know, but I really believed I was the luckiest bastard on earth. I had the loving and supportive wife, a nurturing mother to our two precious girls, a thriving business and the future looked rosy. I was a contented man.

But overnight everything changed. My wife withdrew from me, ignored our children, and made it clear she was no longer interested in playing the role of wife and mother. We had two children under five, they needed her.

I needed her. When her dressing began to change and she disappeared for hours, I suspected I was not enough for her. Thinking she was having an affair, I placed my wife of five years under surveillance. What my surveillance revealed shook my world, broke my heart and went on to expose a web of lies and deceit.

If you enjoy contemporary romance, romantic mystery thrillers, romance novels with alpha males, and major crime suspense stories, then you will enjoy this explosive, drama filled, book from Eve Rabi which will keep you turning pages.


“I have loved every single one of Eve’s books, this one however was a hit out the park!”

"Wish I could award this book 10 out of 5 STARS!!"

“Riveting from beginning to end. The twists and turns this book takes are unimaginable!"

"Wow I was totally entranced with this book from the beginning!"

"All in all I loved this book, it made me laugh, cry, hold my breath till I went blue, smile and finally caused my heart to break for Ritchie!"

"Very gripping but sad story line! But keep the tissues handy."

“Drama, suspense, mystery, action, romance and sex – this fast-paced thriller has it all. Buckle up. You and your kindle are in for a ride, Eve Rabi style.”

"Twists that will blow your mind and make you think about this book long after you finish it."

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