Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Hint or Do You Ask?

Many people have a different approach to getting what they want from their mate. Some will hint around to a mate of what it is they desire until they get it. Some will flat-out ask for what they want until they get it. Does one work better than the other?

If you give a hint on something you want then you're relying on your significant other to pick up on the hint and fulfill the desire, right?  That requires your mate to truly pay attention to you. So, if they don't catch on to your hint does that mean that they don't care? Does that mean they are not actively listening to what you're saying?

And if they don't ever catch on to your hints then what do you do?  Constantly ask for what you want or just forget about it and allow your feelings to fade?  Because over time it will frustrate you.

I'm a firm believer that "a closed mouth never gets fed," but there is so much satisfaction in not having to ask for what makes you happy.  Once you put it out there that you like something then you shouldn't have to constantly repeat yourself to get it.  Seeing your mate figure it out for themselves is as gratifying as the act itself.  Anticipating needs of a significant other is the sexiest thing one can do in a relationship.

On the flip side of that, some may prefer fulfillment "on demand."  But, is your mate only doing it because you asked and not necessarily because they wanted to do it? Some people may not care how something gets done as long as it gets done.  I'm just not one of those people, but to each their own.

 How do you try and get what you desire/need in a relationship? Do you hint or do you ask?

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