Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CPS Investigates Will & Jada #Parenting

As seen on IG
Will and Jada are under investigation by child protective services?  Who would have guessed it?  Actually, as sarcastic as I'm being with that statement, I didn't actually expect it.  Mainly because I don't expect anything along the lines of discipline when it comes to celebrities.

Will and Jada give their children the freedom to choose.  Some people actually think that it's good parenting, but I think that a majority of people don't like it.  Regardless, they have the right to do whatever it is they want to do (or don't want to do) when it comes to their kids.  Well, at least until Child Protective Services shows up.  They tend to frown upon 13 year olds laying in bed with shirtless 20 year olds.

There have countless incidents that have made people buzz on Twitter and ask the question, "what are Will and Jada doing?"  Personally, I don't know, but it's not the way that I would consider raising my kids if I had any.

There's a reason that people have to be a certain age to do things like drive, vote, enlist in the military, drink, or even get a hotel room or a rental car.  It's because with age comes maturity.  Sure, some kids mature faster than others, but realistically, you really don't see the real world until you're out of your parents home and supporting yourself.  That's when adult life lessons begin.

The Smith Kids, Willow and Jaden, are probably bright and worldly kids.  But, they are still kids.  Despite the fact that they've made more money than me in their young lives doesn't make them smart.  It makes them fortunate enough to have rich and connected parents to go with that budding talent.

I hope for the best as far as the outcome of the CPS investigation, but I also hope that it's a wake up call for Will and Jada.  Parent your kids like you want, but keep that stuff in-house.  Don't let Instagram be the undoing of your household.  That would just be plain stupid.

Oh, yeah, and to the guy, Moises Arias, in the photo with Willow: you may get a knock at your door, too.  Not from CPS, but from COPS.  They frown upon 13 year olds laying in bed with shirtless 20 year olds, too.  "17 will get you 20," but 13, dude?

Do you believe that kids should have free will to make their own decisions?

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