Monday, May 26, 2014

How Many Likes Until Creepy?

Where is that other hand?
When I first started on Facebook in the Spring of '08 or '09, it was to reconnect with some classmates for an upcoming class reunion.  However, over time I started to enjoy reconnecting with past co-workers, family members, and more.  I would spend hours browsing through photos and Liking the ones that I thought were nice photos.  Sometimes it was someone who had a before/after photo of weight loss or someone posing with their family.  That was Facebook was about to me.

After the passing of The Mrs., as a widowed man, I still viewed Facebook the same.  But I started to learn that some guys using Facebook for a hunting ground for potential mates instead of just appreciating graduation photos and similar pictures.

So, being the inquisitive guy that I am, I started to ask women about the Likes that they receive on certain photos.  Not all women pose with booty shots and a lot of skin showing.  There are some respectable women out there who dress nicely yet still attract unwanted attention because of their looks.

To those women I ask: how many Likes can you get from a guy before it becomes creepy?

Does it matter who the guy is?  Does it matter if the Likes comes between midnight and 4 AM?  What determines if a dude is a weirdo or not?  Comment and let me know!

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