Friday, December 20, 2013

5 Blogs to Follow: @LadyT523, @VanityStrokes, @DirtyInPublic, @SingleDatingDiv @MarriageDr, Post #500

I wanted to do something special for my 500th post and I've decided to pay it forward.  I'm a firm believer in supporting what I like.  If I enjoy something, then I try to share it so that others may do the same.  Although I don't read blogs as much as I once did, I still take time to enjoy a select few.  I want to share some of the newer blogs that I read religiously because of their entertainment value and useful information:

The Tasha Mac Chronicles 

On top of being eye candy, Tasha chronicles her life as a single mother of four daughters.  She talks about how dating and home life for her is completely different from someone who may not have kids or may not be married.  Not only does she do a great job of "painting the picture" of her life, she also is a genius in regards to teaching life lessons.  She is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, who because of Hurricane Katrina, now lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

For new readers, I would suggest that you check out these posts: "Can Football Help or Hurt My Relationship?," "Am I My Brother's Keeper," and "What My Daughters Don't Understand."

Stroking at Midnight

Twitter: @VanityStrokes

This Toronto author started in October and the blog world hasn't been the same since!  This site is steamier than your bathroom mirror after a morning shower.  Vanity takes some of her own personal experiences and shares them in a vivid and deliberate fashion.  She has a way with words that will paint a picture that any adult reader can appreciate.  Seductive blog posts like "What's Your Fantasy?" and "Caution: You Will Get Wet On This Ride" tells how it all started.  Give Vanity a try and enjoy your imaginative visuals that will raise your eyebrow on multiple occasions.
Twitter: @DirtyInPublic

Where do I start with this site?  I love what Dirty in Public has to offer.  Californian, Marrie Lobel, is the owner/operator of DiP and she always finds an intriguing relationship or sex topic to pique your interests!  She takes everyday conversation and presents it in a way that makes you think.  She does a great job of helping people understand either where they went wrong or how they can improve upon their relationships.  With posts like "Available for Sex: Leave the light on for me!"  or "The Other Woman: What she needs to understand!" which breaks down the #SideChickRevolution.  Marrie is as insightful as she is delightful.
Twitter: @SingleDatingDiv

This Canadian red hot really dives deep into the core of relationships.  Suzie takes a look at different relationship situations from all angles and offers a solution to those issues.  She also does a great job soliciting feedback from the readers which generates a lot of insightful comments.  If you have a question about your relationship, then send an anonymous letter to "Ask Single Dating Diva" to get honest options towards solutions.  You will also enjoy posts like "Dating a Work in Progress - Stay Away!" and "The 3 Date Rule Hook Up."
Twitter: @MarriageDr

He's the only guy on the list, but don't let that deter you.  Aaron Anderson is the real deal and probably the only certified one in the bunch.  He's a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO.  RelationshipRx always takes a positive approach to solving dilemmas which is what makes it so refreshing.  There are relationship resolution posts like "My Husband Wants Sex All the Time" to "She Never Wants Sex."  He also provides helpful tips to keep your marriage fresh with posts like "Six Naughty Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life."  It's the feel-good blog that everyone should have in their RSS feeder.

So, there you have it!  Five blogs that will educate and entertain you while I crank out my next 500 blog posts!

Do you have a blog of interest to share?  If so, feel free to add them in the comments below!


  1. Thank you Que. I am honored to have made the list. Thanks for always supporting my blog.

  2. Thank you!! This means a lot coming from a noteworthy blogger such as yourself! XO

  3. Thank you so much!! I think you're pretty awesome yourself!! XO

  4. Some Great Peeps here---hope everyone follows them and shows them some LOVE!


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