Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Can't I See Michigan?

I'm so sick of websites like Ticketmaster, StubHub and the likes. They keep robbing innocent, hard-working people of their money as they legally scalp tickets at astronomical prices. I've been looking forward to seeing my Michigan Wolverines play the National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide, since the game was announced in 2010. The game is being played in Cowboys Stadium which is the perfect place for me to finally see the Wolverines play for the first time. I had free tickets to see them play in a bowl game in Jacksonville, Florida a year ago, but I got the offer at the last minute and couldn't secure a flight to Florida for the game. It probably worked out well since Mississippi State beat them 52-14.

I finally go online to look into purchasing tickets and I'm met with ridiculous prices. $299 for Standing Room Only tickets? I can't even sit for $299?

Then I noticed that if I wanted to sit, that I would have to pay $375+ to sit so high from the field that I could change a light bulb in the stadium. Now I know Jerry Jones and the city of Arlington paid a billion dollars for the stadium, but I think it's ridiculous how they allow these ticket sites to jack the prices up even more. I once wanted to see Wanda Sykes perform in Biloxi, MS.  Although the face value of the tickets were around $65, they were being sold online for four times the amount! Not to mention that the hotel I wanted to book had almost tripled their normal rates as well.

At what point are we going to say "enough?" Our government does everything except protect the people. Why is it that I can be arrested for selling a ticket over face value, but it's okay for Ticketmaster to do it legally? Why do hotels reserve the right to raise their prices and price gouge those coming into town to see an event? The Sleep Inn I used to frequent during my Mardi Gras-going days was $60/night every year. In comes the Super Bowl and the price that weekend was $999. I kid you not. I didn't mistype that.

Sure, I have the option to stay at home and watch the Michigan/Alabama game (which is what I will do), but what happened to going places and getting memories? Gone are the days when a person can take their family to certain sporting events without taking out a loan first. If you want to see a pro football, basketball or hockey game, then you'll have to contend with outrageous parking fees, high admission fees and ridiculous concession prices. Baseball is still probably the most affordable of the major sports. Some music concerts are still affordable, too, depending on the act.

Do you think it's criminal for online venues to significantly raise ticket prices on events?

"They want to charge how much to see me!!!!????"


  1. If I do this in front of a stadium, I get hit for scalping and can get a ticket. "You can't sell the tickets for more than face value, sir."

    "Tell that to StubHub" isn't a good enough reply....

    1. Exactly. If you do it, then you go to jail. If they do it, then it's perfectly legal. That's garbage.

  2. It's not fair at all. The amount of extra money I spend on hockey tickets is ridiculous to me.

    1. The NHL does have ridiculous prices. I've been wanting to see a NJ Devils game for years, but I just don't want to come off of the price it costs to see them.

  3. Yeah, this is exactly why I don't go to shows as much as I'd like to - and there are a lot to choose from here in the ATL! The most I ever paid was around $115 to see Beyonce back in 2006. Even though I missed the opening act (Robin Thicke), she alone was worth every dime. But I wouldn't pay that much for anyone now.

    1. Call me cheap, but I don't want to pay more than $75 to see anyone. I almost overpaid to see Wanda Sykes since it was around The Mrs' birthday at the time, but the price for the hotel stay changed my mind entirely with triple the normal rate.

      Instead, I've saved my "ticket money" and invested in a nice HDTV and surround sound. I may not be at the games (or concerts), but it sure sounds like I am. :)


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