My Guest Appearances

Every now and then, I get the pleasure of offering a guest post to other sites.  It's humbling to be asked to contribute something to another blog because it's a sign of respect in the blogging world.  I take great pride in each guest post that I'm asked to give and it goes without saying that I try to do my best work.

Here are some of my appearances from around the web:

from The Crystal Show:


"Don't Lie to A Woman"

"I Believe in Double Standards"

"Know Your Worth"

"Gender Wars: Sex On The First Date"

from Mr. n Mrs. Romance:

"Dating, Sex and the Skeletons in the Closet" (Podcast)

from The Spices of Life:

"Relationship: Dilemmas, Remedies & Realities" (Podast)

"Express Yourself" (Podcast)

from Looking for My Spouse Radio Show:

"Man Month feat. Talk 2 Q" (Podcast)

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