Wednesday, May 27, 2020

White People: Do Your Part

I don't know if my white friends understand the seriousness of this or not. Every black person has a story like this, including myself. Not all have peaceful endings. 

I don't want people to think that this stuff is new just because social media allows people to plaster it all over the web these days. Since I was a teen, I've experienced many incidents about if I "belonged" somewhere. 

Do people not realize that calling the cops on black people for no legit reason these days should be a form of criminal negligence?  If you think that someone doesn't belong then call a building manager, not the police!  Find out the truth instead of trying to intimidate someone.  White people who threaten to call the cops on black people should know that the end-result will be the severe mistreatment, and in some cases, death, of that black person.  

Until white people actually speak to their peers about correcting it then I'm afraid that it's never going to cease. Racism isn't a conversation for black people to have.  It's a conversation for white people.  White people started racism, so they have to end it.  Minorities can stomp, march, and hold signs all they want, but until white people bring this conversation into their churches and homes, it's never going to end.

I grew up in a predominantly-white school system and I had quite a few white friends. Not all white people are prejudice.  But, understand that it only takes a few dummies to make everyone look bad. Weed these people out already! Being silient is just allowing you to get unfairly lumped in with the rest these idiots. 

I won't hold my breath and wait on this to be shared, but know that an uncomfortable discussion is what it's going to take to reduce the number of prejudice people in the world like this guy.


  1. Wow! awesome straight to the gut be specific in origin the "White Church leaders" created what triggered the type of racism derived in America, in-sighting stereotypes and fear amongst the very very influential more often than not uneducated congregations of the time....even though those times are gone what's been silent with change has been the "white church leaders", now just the opposite "white Hollywood not only speaks up they raise awareness to the world,and "white college students usually do a good job now its your turn Billy Graham, Jr., Sarah Palin, and the evangelical nation..catch up and influence law makers and law enforcers to be fair to African American males

    1. That's a good point. The quickest way to reach the massses is definitely in the church.

  2. You are absolutely correct. This will be an uncomfortable read for white people but necessary.

    1. Thank you for reading and providing your thoughts!

  3. Hey Q. Thanks for these thoughts, and as a mostly white man I can attest to the truth of your words. I long ago made the conscious decision to not be a bigot and to fight racism in any ways I can. But the other night I was watching film of looting up to Minneapolis and caught myself trying to identify the color of the looters. I had just watched a black leader discussion of "hidden racism" and the instant I realized what I was doing, I jolted.

    I though a "Wow this is what they meant," and then, just like every other bigot on the face of the earth, I started justifying myself. "I'm not a racist, I just wanted to see what was up," and, "I just wanted to know if there were any white supremists making trouble."

    The bottom line is that I did not have any precognitive thought on the instant, I simply had the instant thought to judge skin color in some fashion. I've learned that we can remove racism from our lips, our actions and our hearts, but even decades later our lizard brains still make color chart judgments.

    My current thoughts on my situation is that what prejudice I still have will die with me, just as the fears in your lizard brain won't be erased by any civil improvements made in light of current issues. Eliminating the choke hold, no-knock warrants, and adding citizen review boards won't stop your sphincter from puckering the next time you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

    As Americans we have spent centuries building and enforcing racial stereotypes and have made real progress at times. But as with the invention of Jim Crow, with each major improvement the committed racists find ways to fuck it over. Maybe this time it will make a difference. Maybe today's young people have far less lizard brain crap going on than do I.

    Stay strong friend.

    1. Mooner! As usual, I appreciate your words. Prejudices will never die. We all have them and will continue to have them. The problem is that common sense rarely prevails in a lot of situations. We let our stereotypes become our reality and we sometimes react to somethings that aren't there. The downside of that to people of color is that it can result in something tragic for us when it occurs. People just need to think for themselves and not allow others to dictate who may be a "good guy" or a "bad guy". I don't see what's so hard aboug that simple concept. Always a pleasure, my friend.


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